Was I out of line?

  1. I had to return some of my books to the my camous boostore and saw this girl I really dislike. I had my Fendi bag with me. She's very snotty for no reason. We were on line and she's talking to this girl about basically how rich she because she has a coach bag and coach shoes. I know the bag she has, I've seen it online and it's under 300 thebag I had was almost 1,000. At home she has a ton of coach items, ect. I rolls my eyes because she is so annoying. So, she goes to me, very smug, "Do you own any coach things?" I say no. "Any bags?" no "Any shoes?" no "I bet you can't afford it..." Me, "I think it's cheap and would rather buy Fendi and Manolos." She just around and left me alone but a lot of people were whispering. Was I out of line? I normally don't say things like that, but she was trying to embarass me.
  2. LOL!!! Not out of line in my opinion at all. Good for you!
  3. I don't think people should derive a sense of authority over other people because of the things they own. They are just bags, shoes, afterall.
  4. Personally, I think you stooped down to her level. She made fun of you for not having Coach, so you made fun of her for not buying Fendi or Manolo. That's what little kids do. If you want to be the mature one, just say, "No, I don't have any Coach but thanks for asking." If you respond any further, you're just playing her game and nobody wins.

  5. Well, she started it! :p
  6. NO! What an ignorant, immature, lame idiot! If she ever does something like that again u should just start laughing and say "you are really sad...." I probably would have done alot worse!
  7. Hi,
    People shouldnt judge others according to what they own. Its juvenile. The snotty girl obviously has major insecuritites about herself considering she needs a bag to make herself feel better. Do not stoop to her level. Keep these unintelligent, shallow negative people out of your life. Take care.
  8. Pink, she probably realizes that the things you have are more expensive than her Coach items. Keep your eye on the prize -- which is getting through college and supporting yourself. Something tells me this girl isn't going to do a good job of that. She may have all these things now but she'll be hurting when she's bought so much that all she has is credit card debt and no money in the bank.
  9. LOL! That's hilarious! Good for you for putting her in her place! :smile:
  10. You did stoop to her level...which is exactly what I would have done too and I am way older than you. :p I had a similar incident where a woman of maybe 40 was carrying a Dooney bumble bee purse said to her friend where I could hear her "that bag is so last season". I was carrying a $2000 Louis Vuitton. I informed her that it might be last season but it probably costs more than she made last season. Immature? Why yes. But I got a good laugh at the look on her face. :rolleyes:
  11. I don't think so lol She totally instigated it trying to be all snobby and I hate people like that! That's just me though. I would have done the same exact thing! Immature or not, but it was rude of her to start with to come over to you like that so she got back her own medicine!

    I also wanted to add, I think people who buy a lot of labels are really insecure. They are also the ones who don't know any other bags that don't have labels! That is why I dislike labeled bags very much. On observation, I find coach people the SNOBBIEST.

    In HS I knew this nice decent girl who wasn't into designer or anything. I'd say a pretty good aquaintance bordering on friend. Then she started working at Coach and turned into this major DIVA B****. It is so crazy how labels bring out the worst in people!
  12. i think SHE was out of line, no worries about you :yes:

  13. Not trying to start a label fight, but I notice many Coach people think it's the be all to end all when they are many other brands that cost more and are better quality. I've noticed that a lot here. I live in NJ which seems to be a Coach capital, because I've been to NY, PA, and MA and it doesn't seem like so big.
  14. Nope I don't think you were out of line at all!!! Sometimes those kinds of people need to be put in their place!!! :boxing:
  15. Yeah I really don't understand it. I think Coach people are worse then LV people. I wonder if it's only the people around here or what, but that's just my observation. I of course am not saying EVERYONE is like that. I have only one label and it's an LV which I never even wear! lol So not worth it. I am more interested in good quality bags then throwing around labels to tell people I'm rich. I really think it's about people's insecurities with themselves that they feel that they are to be defined by a label.

    It definitely sounded like the poster's girl who started the coach thing about her. Labels totally seem too bring out the worst in people. She was probably really insecure with herself. That's how it was with my ex-friend who I've run into a couple of times. But each time she has acted COMPLETELY differently and turned so snobby! I think she was insecure with herself in HS majorly which I believe is why she acts like this now. I think Coach is more of a mid range bag brand but some people definitely do act like it's the end all of bags and if you don't have coach you're a loser. It's probably because of the price range attracting people who wouldn't normally be able to afford "name brands" and then they act all high and mighty because they have their first "label" of coach. Everyone knows coach but I decided to never buy a labeled monogram bag again! I've probably worn my LV the least out of any bag. Some of coach leather bags look nice though.