Was I not looking...

  1. when open toed shoes with tights underneath became stylish? I am seeing it all over the place (most recently all over the current Lucky magazine)...I'm not sure how I feel about it...any thoughts or opinions?
  2. LOL. I had just messaged another gal about this. I wouldn't do it with peep toes normally, but I just bought the YSL Tribute Slingbacks pictured below, and I was wondering about that b/c I want to wear them in the fall. The peep toe doesn't really look like much of one, but it's the slingback with tights that scares me. I seriously almost started a thread on this like 2 hrs ago, but then I got lazy.

    I want to note that I would never even think about putting tights with any slingback/peep toe shoe, but like the OP stated, I have been seeing it all over so I'm wondering if I can do it too. lol
    YSL Tribute Slingback.jpg
  3. I must say, although I never would have done it, the pics I have seen look cute...tights and a cute skirt...I don't know, the look is growing on me!
  4. I know. Me too. I really want to wear those damn YSL's this fall, but I don't want to be a fashion victim. LOL And, the only reason why I didn't get the mary jane version is because I have the Miu Miu black patent double strap mary janes and some Chanel grosgrain ribbon ones, and two pairs of Manolo Blahnik peep toe mary janes (nude and black) so I didn't want to OD on that style. haha
  5. look has definitely grown on me.
  6. It just reminds me of growing up in the 80s. I feel like I've gone back in time with a lot of the stuff that is "in" again. I prefer to leave it in the 80s.
  7. Umm, Ashakes, do you even need legwear in the winter in SB? LOL! I'd think the tights and shoes like peep toe look is cute, although the southern belle in me wants to repress those feelings.

    Those shoes are just way too cute not to wear all the time! L.o.v.e. them.
  8. ^^^LOL hell no! But, I'm going to be in Ohio for fall/winter this year. I went back North for some rotations b/c I was sick of Spanish speaking patients. I mean nothing by that other than it's hard to learn medicine when nobody wants to translate. lol Obviously I have no problem w/ "foreigners" considering my parents came from India 30+ years ago.

    If I wore tights in Miami or knee high boots, people would laugh. Heck, I would laugh at people! I'm going to definitely miss SoBe this winter b/c I hate wearing tights. lol They are such a pain in the a**.

    Are we sure it won't look silly w/ a slingback?
  9. I think chunky slingbacks and tights are totally cute. I think if they are closed toes it looks better with same color tights like black with black tights, etc. If it is peeptoe and slingback I'd wear a contrast color tights just so everyone knows that you meant to do it. Sort of "here I am check out my cute tights and shoes and yes I meant to do this." I wore black tights with my chloe patent wedge slingbacks last winter and felt totally cute. And I live in Alabama which puts me solidly in southern belle territory!:rolleyes:
  10. Last fall and winter, I think I dressed around my black Wolfords. The first time I did the tights with open toed shoes thing, it was with a printed DVF dress, a large camel and black patent Fendi B Bag, black tights and black patent leather Manolo peep-toe mary janes. At first, I was a little skeptical, but it ended up looking very sleek and put together.

    I think the key is to keep the shoe simple and draw the line of the eye upwards. Also, it helps when your accessories and bag are sleek, and you carry yourself confidently, so it doesn't look like you pulled stuff out of the back of your closet for laundry day or (gasp!) you just didn't shave your legs and feel self-conscious.

    It's a very pulled together, chic look when executed right. Have fun!
  11. I did this look a few times last winter when I couldn't find any knee high boots I liked and wanted to wear skirts. I thought it looked cute. I wore black peeptoes, black tights, a black/white tweed skirt, a black sweater, red bag.

    IMO I would wear closed toe slingbacks with the tights (if they'll stay on) or open toe with a closed back. I think having both the toe and back open looks too summery.
  12. Yikes! The thought of pairing tights with pumps scares me. lol
  13. ^^^LOL. It scares me too, but maybe I will try it, at least with my YSL Tributes. I'm in my hometown right now working, so maybe I will blend in. LMAO I was born in Chicago, but actually RAISED in this small town in Ohio where I see girls carry fake LV and Gucci like it's their job so I will laugh if I even get scoffed at for wearing tights with peep toes.

    I'll let you know how I fare in a couple of months.
  14. I've done it a couple of times (with colored tights so it looked interesting poking out and not like an excuse). I just make sure that there's no "seam" poking out, which is so tacky!
  15. would u only wear stocking and peep toes. with dresses/skirts. During fall/winter it gets really rainy and cold in vancouver and i was planing to buy a new pair of cl patent peep toes and i don't always like wearing skirts or dresses and i was wondering if i could still wear stockings with my peep toes even if i'm wearing pants/denim???