Was going to get Onatah leather pochette but got this instead

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  1. After I saw the post about Onatah leather pochette yesterday I called the Frankfurt store and reserved one for me. Today I went to see the bag but didn't like it as mush as I thought. The shape is wired to me when I carried it. It didn't look as good as eluxury's picture. Then the SA asked if I wanted to see the Onatah GM in Aubergine instead and OMG...once I saw it, I had to have it. It's so pretty. The leather is so soft and the size is perfect. Picture shows true color of the bag, deep purple. It's my new baby :heart:

    The Onatah leather is limited to one season according to the SA.

    In addition to my Onatah GM, my cousin asked me to buy White multicolor Eliza and Tikal PM for her. The Tikal PM is very cute! I want one now...

    Here're pics of all bags that I bought today, one for me and two for my cousin:
    onatah.jpg eliza.jpg tikal-pm.jpg
  2. Creat bags...the Onatah is :love: :love:
  3. Way to go, you're on a roll ! :graucho:

    I love the onatah, it's gorgeous ! Lovely bags.. it's too bad that they're for your cousin, although I guess this means you can always borrow them. ;)
  4. Oh wow! That's gorgeous!!!
  5. Onatah is GORGEOUS!!! I am dying to see one IRL!!! CONGRATS!!!
  6. CONGRATS!!! It's so much fun getting new bags!! I also like your pink one on the chair.:love:
  7. I saw that one yesterday at LV! too cute!!!
    I actually have the mocha pochette on hold..Im getting it as I dont like Hobos as much as I used to..Congrats!She is GORGEOUS!:heart:
  8. The onatah is STUNNING!!! Enjoy her!!
  9. Awww.... congrats!
  10. the things i would do for that onatah....
  11. Wow, they are absolutely gorgeous :love:
  12. :nuts: That purple is GORGEOUS! LOVE it! The Tikal PM is super cute too!
  13. OH I love all three bags you got today. The Tikal is super cute. Is the strap comfortable to wear?
  14. Yes, the strap is comfortable to wear. :yes:

    Thank you!
  15. Thanks. It moved to top of my wishlist now.:nuts: