Was given choice between Louis and Louie...I chose ...

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  1. So my DF was going to buy me a new bag for my birthday this month - then we saw Louie and I decided that Louis can wait until the Holidays ...

    soo excited to pick him up in a month - too bad I don't have a sac chien to bring him home in lol :smile:

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  2. Awww what a cutie!!!

  3. Thanks - I just wanna squish him he's so cute :love:
  4. AWWWW How cute!! Congratulations! Yes, I'd definitely pick Louie over Louis too!
  5. Absolutley adorable!!
  6. Louis can certainly wait! I love Louie! May I ask what breed is he?
  7. Congratulations on your puppy - I'd choose him over a bag too!
  8. Awww how cute! :smile:
  9. So cute!
  10. Aw, wonderful choice!
  11. adorable -- LV can wait!!

  12. He's a mutt - a neighbours chihuahua in heat dug under a fence to get to a poodle/pom cross - so it'll be interesting to see what he turns out to look like :smile:
  13. You made the right decision! He is ADORABLE! Congrats!
  14. This was the BEST choice!!! How cute!
  15. Welcome Louie!!!
    oooooooohhhhh sooooo cute, congrats, and YES!!! Louis can wait.
    Have fun together..