WAS Diana to wed? Jury see receipt for 'engagement ring' from Dodi

    Last updated at 01:15am on 19th October 2007

    The Diana inquest took a sensational twist yesterday when jurors were shown a receipt for an "engagement" ring bought by Dodi Fayed.

    Previously-unseen CCTV footage captured the Princess's lover examining jewellery at an exclusive store in Paris hours before their fatal crash.
    The inquest was shown a copy of a £11,600 receipt, dated August 30, 1997, with the words "bague fiancaille" - French for engagement ring.

    They were told that a gold and diamond ring from Alberto Repossi's "Dis-moi oui" range - "Tell me yes" - was later found at Dodi's flat.

    A second, £60,000 ring was returned to Mr Repossi's shop on September 3, three days after the crash in the Alma underpass, the inquest was told. Mohamed Al Fayed insists his son and Diana - who he claims was pregnant with Dodi's child - were murdered because the couple were about to announce their engagement.

    The ring and the receipt
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    The princess's family and friends have dismissed any suggestion of an engagement and coroner Lord Justice Scott Baker has warned the jury to "consider carefully" any evidence of an imminent announcement.

    The High Court was shown no evidence of Dodi actually presenting the ring to Diana, who did not visit the Repossi store herself on the afternoon before she died.

    The court heard that Dodi slipped out of their imperial suite at the Ritz Hotel to visit the shop while Diana was having her hair done.

    Accompanied by bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones, Dodi was driven in a Mercedes barely 100 yards to Repossi's - in the Place Vendome, the same street as the hotel - at 5.40pm on August 30.

    Claude Roulet, assistant to the Ritz president Franz Klein, walked across and joined him inside the jewellers.

    Dodi, relaxed and casually dressed in a dark jacket, T-shirt and dark jeans, is seen on security footage being greeted by Alberto Repossi, his wife Angela, their press officer Alice Valentine and three other assistants who had closed the shop for the visit.
    Grainy black-and-white CCTV footage shows Dodi being ushered downstairs to the shop's most prized display cabinets.

    For ten minutes he is seen pointing at and inspecting several trays of jewellery although it is impossible to see what he goes for.

    Then Mr Repossi enters the office where the store's safe is kept and hands Dodi a brochure for the Dis-Moi Oui range before Dodi leaves the store at 5.50pm.
    Minutes later, CCTV cameras in the Ritz follow Dodi bounding up the hotel stairwell - two steps at a time - and returning to the suite he shared with Diana, clutching the brochure.

    At the same time, Mr Roulet is seen at the jewellery store apparently making notes on Dodi's choices before returning to the hotel at 5.56pm.

    The jury then saw footage of Mr Roulet going to Dodi and Diana's three-room suite on the first floor where he spends four minutes before walking back to Repossi's at 6.27pm.

    There, Mr Roulet is shown clearly making a sign with his wrist to indicate a ring and a bracelet.

    Mrs Repossi is also seen emerging from a back room with an item of jewellery which she put on her left hand.

    Shortly afterward, Mr Roulet is seen picking up the same brochure and a bag, without handing over any money or credit cards to the jeweller.
    Twelve minutes later, he returns smiling, carrying a bag in his left hand.

    Dodi in the jewelry store
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    He writes a brief note at the cashier's desk, a series of numbers, which was shown to the inquest.

    Talking the jury through the video evidence, Metropolitan Police Inspector Paul Carpenter said the first number - 115,000 - on the note was the undiscounted price in French francs for a "Dis-moi oui" ring.

    Mr Roulet then goes up to Diana and Dodi's suite at 6.43pm.
    After spending three minutes with Dodi in Room 101, Mr Roulet then comes back to the cashier, signs another form and the Repossi bag is stored in the Ritz strongroom.

    Within ten minutes the couple are seen leaving the Ritz heading for Dodi's flat before returning to the Ritz and their fateful final journey.

    The court heard that a Repossi receipt dated August 30, 1997, was later recovered but it was not made clear from where. Mr Carpenter confirmed that a Dis-Moi Oui ring had been found in Dodi's flat.

    He showed the jury the handwritten receipt for the bague fiancailles. The words "diamonds", "gold" and "gems" are recorded alongside the entry.

    On the same receipt is a record of an "etoile" - or star - ring of "gold" and "gems" which was purchased for 600,000 francs - £60,000.
    Mr Carpenter said both rings were from the same range.

    He also said that a document was faxed from Repossi's store in Monte Carlo to Ritz chairman Franz Klein, listing prices of three rings and four other items.

    The fax is dated August 23, 1997, a day when Diana and Dodi were in Monte Carlo. The prices of three other rings and a bracelet were written on the back.

    Mr Al Fayed insists the "engagement ring" was selected by Diana and Dodi from the Repossi store in Monte Carlo during a break from the couple's holiday on the Fayed yacht. Dodi's bodyguards say they never visited the shop.
    The Harrods boss, who was not in court yesterday, says Dodi called him hours before the crash to tell him he had collected the engagement ring from Repossi and that Diana had also spoken to him about making an announcement.

    The coroner said: "You will have to decide whether Dodi did indeed phone his father in those terms and whether, if he did, what he said was more than wishful thinking."

    The inquest heard that one close friend, Lady Annabel Goldsmith, spoke of marriage to Diana shortly before she died.
    The princess replied: "I need marriage like a rash on the face."
    The inquest continues.

  4. What bearing does this have on the investigation? Surely they don't think she was killed to prevent the engagement?????
  5. I think they did.... I think her death wasn't an accident..
  6. The thing that surprises me about this is how inexpensive the ring is- in comparison to Dodi's wealth, it seems a paltry sum to spend on a ring.

    Considering tht Diana, as the princess of wales, would have worn some spectacularly expensive and beautiful jewelry (and if you take the old rule- a man should spend at least a month's salary on an engagement ring), it seems very inexpensive for such a moment.

    I am sure that had she said yes they would have chosen her a ring together, that would be more in keeping with his wealth, but I was surprised at the cost of the ring.

    (Not in the real world of course- in the real world it is a relatively expensive ring, but in the multi millionaire world it seems very little).
  7. Isn't this old news though? When she was first killed there was discussion about Dodi looking at rings not long before the crash. I think she was killed to prevent her from marrying him. They were NOT going to allow the mother of the future king of England to marry someone of Dodi's religion and nationality.

    Some believe that she was killed because she was pregnant. I don't know about that.

    At any rate, is any investigation into the crash going to actually unearth what really happened? I firmly believe that the royal family was involved in her death. If that truly turned out to be the case, would anyone actually reveal information like that?

    And why is there an investigation being done so long after her death?
  8. It looks more like a middle finger ring to me and I would hardly say that was in keeping with her taste or style going on what she has previously been seen wearing.
  9. I think Dodi was a distraction for her. His father was the one pushing Dodi, he was engaged to another woman when he met Diana. Does one just drop the other woman because his father told him to???? It would then make him the same type of man Charles was--doing what the parents wanted. They were only dating a few months. I think Diana's true feelings were still with the heart doctor who dumped her. She might have been using Dodi as a way to make him jealous in her mind. I really think she was way too smart to rush in to another husband with a father who seemed to control what the son did. She learned from her first mistake with Charles.

    But on the other side if she really wanted to piss them off where they could not have a say it would be to marry Dodi and have a child.....that would have made them want to get rid of her.....
  10. Dodi may have wanted to marry her, but I really believe that she still loved Charles in spite of all the pain. I don't believe she would have ever married Dodi, or anyone else for that matter.

    Think of this: imagine if Diana had survived the accident but been severely injured. I bet Charles would have been there right away, trying to care for her. I know he had been a total idiot up to that point but something tells me he would have been there for her. The thought about the outcome of that whole situation is staggering in terms of this possible outcome. I like to think that had she lived, they may have even reconciled and Camilla would have been history. It makes me sad to think about it.

  11. ^^^^^^^

    Interesting line of thinking !!
  12. I still think Camilla would have been in the picture. I think Charles geuinely loves that woman. I do agree that Diana still loved Charles though. But I think that even when you have that love in your heart...sometimes you still move on and join with other people.
  13. I don't think Charles would have been there for her and I doubt if they would ever get back together. The royal family wanted her out and he truly loved Camilla for ages. He would never give Camilla up for Diana. Not when they were married, so why would he do that once they were divorced. He went to Paris as a PR thing, it was something that made him look good. I mean he was smiling in pictures there, he in no way looked like a person in mourning. It was a good photo op.
    Maybe Diana still loved Charles or had a misguided thought on living the fairy tale but to me she grew up and was smart enough to know there was no future with a man who did not love you, maybe never had feelings for you and carried on with another woman for ages. Everyone wanted her to live the life of a princess but it takes two to have a relationship and Charles was just not in to her.
  14. I agree with you. If Diana ever survived the accident and was severley injured, I believe that Charles would've been there for her but not as a husband and a faithful one for that matter. I think that Diana loved Charles more than Charles could ever love her. He loves Camilla more than Diana.
  15. There have been rumors for years that Charles was not being faithful to Camilla either. If people think that he is now, that makes me :lol: