Was BI a dissappointment?

  1. After all the anticipation and the build up and tremendously agonizing wait, was Blue India a dissapointment?

    I haven't gotten my part-time from Nordies yet, so for me the verdict is still out.

    What do you think?
  2. I quite like Blue India - I think it's a nice summer colour! I would love to get my hands on a CITY - but I'm going to be SUPER STRONG and stay on my purse ban... :wlae: plus, I LOVE BLUE - its my favourite colour!!! :graucho:
  3. No disappointment whatsoever! My BI City induces drool-dripping stupors in me whenever I look at it. "Deep Caribbean Turquoise-y Green Ocean Blue" is how I'd best describe mine. (no gray in it as far as I can tell) I love mine and will never part with it.
  4. i am also waiting for my BI... Bal Paris said that even they don't know when they'll get the BI purses... so i still have to wait and see.
    however, after we've all been biting our nails for the past three months, i noticed that quite a few ppl were disappointed by it and it saddens me because we slowly do realize that " they don't make them like they used to"... and to think that just two years ago there were many many droolworthy colors around... i think that Balenciaga really needs to make again rich vibrant colors, we've had it with the so-so modest ones! at least the s/s 07 swatches are very promising!
  5. I got my BI city this morning and at first I wasn't sure how I felt about it. But the more I look the bag...the more I love it!
  6. i noticed there isn't as much excitement over the BI as there was for the rouge vif, but i think this color is gorgeous!
  7. its just kinda of dull to me...I was hoping it would have just a bit more Turquoise in it for some reason. Not a must have for me.
  8. Actually I think it is much prettier than I thought it would be. Brighter and much more turquoise. Like the color of the water in shallow water in the Bahamas with an icy look. My Mom got it and she didn't like it because it was too bright and light. So it was a disappointment to her, but I liked it better. I have 3 colors that I want for spring and blues are my least favorite color bag so I think I am going to wait for spring. Plus there are new styles this spring so I might want to try something different.:yes:
  9. i think its a bbeeeauuutiful colour, but i'm just having trouble make it work in my wardrobe since i'm a jeans girl!!
  10. IMO cornflower is still the prettiest blue Balenciaga has offered. It is a shade of blue for all seasons!
  11. It was a big dissappointment for me.:sad: Very dull. Color that i can do without.:yes:
  12. No disappointment at all now that I actually have a BI (vs. cornflower or blueberry or whatever the first one that was sent that was supposed to have been BI)! The BI color is beautiful. Beautiful Carribean blue (tealy gray undertones), muted enough so it is not a 'scream at you'. Very pretty. I think the color is the fact that it apparently varies from bag to bag but then, so do many of the other Balenciaga colors (F '06 camel is another good example). I recommend going to see it IRL if you have a chance. I'm so glad I didn't give up on it. :smile:
  13. i like my newly exchanged blue india. i hate the old one because of the veiny leather. color-wise.... i love blue india
  14. I am still waiting for the next great Blue Balenciaga that will excite me as much as Teal and Indigo.
  15. I thought it was kinda dull...I guess I just like darker colors - I LOVE Bluberry :yahoo: