Was at Store to See the Whole Miroir Range!!

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  1. :yahoo: I just came home from my store. They displayed the Silver and Gold Speedies, Silver and Gold Pochettes, Silver Alma and Silver Keepall. I also saw the Gold and Silver Cles.

    Here are my thoughts:

    The material looked good, thicker than the usual canvas, puffier.
    They looked very structured, so that is a plus.
    They are unscratchable as I tried to scratch with my nails.

    I prefered the Silver Speedy and Gold Papillon. Somehow certain designs looked better with certain colour, dunno why. The Gold Papillon is very cute. Gold pap was better than silver pap.

    As for the Pochettes, I thought they would be bigger coz of the magazine pics posted earlier here but they were not as big, only slightly bigger than the normal pochettes. The gold looked better than the silver but overall the pochettes were not as great as the bags.

    Funny thing, I was the only person admiring the range, everyone else at the store was walking by and did not even touch or look?! Probably they thought it was deco.

    As for the cles, they were actual metal, just normal polished metal and smaller than I imagined, so not as great. Just my opinions.:smile:
  2. Thanks mercx5! I'm sure those waiting and wanting will be excited to hear your report!:flowers:
  3. I haven't seen these IRL yet and I am disappointed in the comments about the pochette. That is the only one I am interested in.
  4. Sounds interesting, even though I'm not a fan I'm happy to hear that the level of quality hasn't been compromised. LOL, I can imagine the guy in charge of security who was quietly watching you discreetly trying to scratch the LV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Probably was getting ready to explode.....
  5. ooh how exciting... can't wait to check it out myself
  6. Thanks so much for the info! I want mine soooooo bad!! :weird:
  7. Thanks for the info. I went to Valley Fair last night for a private viewing of the Miroir bags. I thought the Speedy was pretty big-they say it's supposed to be a 30, but I put my Graffiti Speedy next to it, the Miroir Speedy was longer.
  8. thanks for the info..
  9. Thanks a bunch! Can I also ask HOW BIG is the cles? and is it made of brass, plated with gold, platinum...etc??? thanks!
  10. Maybe its the "puffier" factor ? :shrugs:
  11. I saw it too and it's bigger than a Mono 30 but the exact same size of a Epi 30
  12. The cles was plain metal. Silver was polished metal and the gold looked like plated gold but I doubt LV uses plated gold. It was not bronze. The size of the cles was like 6cm by 4cm. I'm guessing. Pretty small. Given the metal is so shiny, the cles would be highly prone to scratches.
  13. thanks!
  14. Yr welcome girls.

    I have seen LVs look book and the Miroir Speedy is called a Speedy 30 but if you look at the dimensions in the look book, it actually is 34 by something by something. Frankly the miroir speedy did not look big to me. Again jmho.

    Come to think of it, I like the puffy look of this range. It looks puffy around the areas where the monograms are embossed. Cant get it out of my mind!!
  15. great review! thanks!