Was asked Jewelry Advice - Need help from experts

  1. Hi Everyone,
    A good friend of mine asked me for advice on getting his girlfriend a jewelry type present for their 3 year anniversary. His budget is between 150-300 dollars (he is currently in school). She dresses on the trendier side and a lot of the links he already sent me were very pretty eccletic type pieces. I am more of a plain and simple stearling silver type of girl and also don't really wear that much jewelry so I don't know what are the current trends and didn't really know how to help him with other suggestions of pieces besides the ones he sent me. Any help with links to pics would be soooo much appreciated. It can be gold or silver, bracelets, earings or necklaces. Thanks so much everyone! I was at a loss on how to help!:confused1:
  2. Far from being an expert, I shall nevertheless still offer suggestions :smile: It is so difficult to give jewelry as a gift, isn't it? Not sure if this qualifies as trendy or not (probably not):




    This one is a "locket". The words are hidden inside of two domed discs. There is also a ray of sunshine in the form of citrine and rainbow moonstone on the inside of the locket. Shadows of the words can be seen on the outside of the discs. These shadows give the outside a little more light play and also hint towards the secret inside. One side of the locket reads, "You are my sunshine" and the other side reads, "My only sunshine".




    She does custom work like this:




  3. thank you so much!
    these were so pretty. I appreciate the suggestions :yes:
  4. Your friend can find some nice pieces of Tiffany Silver on the website in that price range. If his gf is trendy then she probably would love an authentic Tiffany piece. Good luck :smile:
  5. passerby and pinkglitterstar
    thank you so much for the recommendations!
    I am going to send him the links to these other etsy jewelry pieces and give him the link to Tiffanys (which I personally love lol)
  6. You're welcome, I hope he finds what he's looking for :smile:
  7. I've just completed two Pandora charm bracelets. Maybe he would be interested in starting one for her. It's a very unique and thoughtful gift. He can pick out the charms himself and build her a one-of-a-kind bracelet. A thread has already been started on Pandora. Have a look. You can also get all the info you need and see lots of pics at www.pandora-beads.com
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  9. Hi Everyone,
    Thanks again for the suggestions. The jewelry is beautiful. I will definitely let you know what he ends up choosing. As of now I think he is still undecided but I missed his call due to homework!
    I know when I emailed him recently with all the suggestions he had decided he was not getting any cuff bracelets. (He had been looking at those recently).
  10. I hope he goes for something from Tiffany's, like the classic "return to tiffany" heart tag bracelet. He can go to the tiffany's website and search for jewelry by type and price range.

    Plese do let us know what he decides!!
  11. Hi Everyone,
    Thanks for all the great advice. I made sure to pass it all on! So I have been playing phone tag with him for a bit due to each having busy school schedules but he did leave me a message that said what he ended up getting her. He decided on a small pair of diamond earings from blue nile. :biggrin: