Was anyone lucky enough to get the Outnet bargain?

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  1. http://www.theoutnet.com//product/19117

    I am so annoyed I missed it, I was refreshing the page waiting for the Just In stuff to be refreshed and got distracted on twitterandmissed this beauty Darwin leather too. Fuming with myself.
  2. Link doesnt take me anywhere!! what was it- saw they had some scarfes etc but DARWIN? HOW?
  3. Aimond - link just goes to homepage. I feel for you, gutting! Did they have any other bags?
  4. Hi there what was it? As the link just goes to the homepage.
    Hate it when that happens im sure you will find another gr8 find soon.;)
  5. It's cause it's sold out was an oak Darwin bayswater for £290.40. I assume they must have found some old stock in the back. Mulberry bags always sell out in literally 30 secs, this will always be the one that got away cause I took my eye of the ball.
  6. Never mind, maybe it was a mistake. I am sure something else will come along. :smile:
  7. You and me both, aimond :cry: It was originally priced at £495, down to £290 and must have been old - but so gorgeous (Darwin leather) - stock that they found. I couldn't believe my eyes. Wonder who got it? Sadly not you or me ... As you say, the one that got away ... :crybaby:
  8. Maybe it was a stock blip- like Harrods have all the time and never existed!!! weird to have one so old in stock
  9. I'd prefer that, to thinking that I (and aimond!) missed the bargain of the decade! It was so frustrating to see it sitting there with SOLD across it! And to be £495 full price, too! It takes you back! When did the prices start hiking up so enormously?!
  10. I keep hoping maybe someone will send one back but not very likely is it, obviously wasn't meant to me and I've got my lovely Red Onion Bays that I scored from The Outnet sometime ago so will be thankful for that!
  11. Oh, so sorry you both missed that bag. Perhaps it was just some error. Ohh, a red onion Bays, so loevely, I adore that color....:hbeat:
  12. Yes console yourselves by thinking it didnt exist or iif it did it was battered and orrible so you wouldnt have wanted it!!:graucho:

    Prices started on the up about 2 -3 years ago and have gone silly- think £495 was from about 2008/9? so a long time for a bag to be in the stockroom ??
  13. They have some Mulberry clothing at the moment or did have the other day

    Jeans down to £50 and dresses for £200
  14. Yes they were £495 Christmas 2008 as I still have the receipt for my one.
  15. Hmmm I think I remember being in Mulberry Leeds in Dec 2008 and the SA saying the prices of the classics would be going up after the sale so that must be when the rot set in....if they go up another £100 next month thats a huge increase over inflation in 3 years