Was anyone looking for a Foresta Campeggio?

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  1. Thats nice, but very overpriced!
  2. i wonder from where do this sellers get so many bags. like.. they ALWAYS have tons of styles in ever print!


  3. :nogood:

    it's not common to see many forestas on ebay and some styles are very rare.
  4. I would love to get my hands on that one but like TokiBear mentioned above, way way overpriced. She also has a beautiful BV in Citta Rosa, but darn girl, the price is a killer!
  5. i know ...:crybaby: idk where they get all the bags...looks like they bought the whole store and held it in their storage and break em out to sell one at time later on when its harder to find?? :shrugs: :lol:
  6. dang $250!!? might as well by the Trenino then!! LMAO!!
  7. The back of the campeggio has the exact same print placement as my campeggio , Although I must say the front pockets look much better than mine.
    Vmasterz..I agree with you ! Where did they get all the nice foresta with great print placement ?

    I wished I could go to Tokidoki Lesportsac factory in China..and make a request as to what print placement I want on which part of the bag. That would be awesome !!! Like one of those Build-a-TokiBEar....It would be BUILD YOUR OWN TOKI BAG !!!
  8. Leen: LMAO!! yeah but i think the campeggio would be practical for me hahah i have no use for a trenino! :lol:

    julicrystal: at least you have a foresta campeggio with a perfect back!!! :lol:
  9. hmmm i think you are right on about that. i would use the campeggio way more than the trenino!!

    ok i'll buy it. :wtf:HAHAHA JK JK JK JK JK JK:Push:

    Oh i forgot you have an Campeggio Julie... !! That's so great!!
  10. :lol: !!! i bet you will soon!! :graucho:
  11. someone bought it! maybe a TPFer?? =)
    It wasn't me!!!!
  12. oh yeah? mwhahahaa..oops! just kidding it wasnt me either!! :graucho:
  13. Darn and I needed that one too, why does it seem that the print on the foresta is so huge? I s that how all of them are?