Was Anyone Aware That Shopbop Had Further Markdowns!! OMG!!

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  1. https://www.shopbop.com/

    Sorry if this has been posted....I looked for but didn't see a post. I just happened to visit their website and saw where a handbag I previously purchased (Sissi Rossi maxi) had been marked down to $284!! Just had to buy another one in grey!!
  2. Ohhhhhh you are going to get me in so much trouble!
    Thank you!

  3. LOL!!! Glad to be of assistance!! I was shocked to see the reductions since I didn't receive an email notice from them. I still have time so I may send back the first maxi that I bought considering there was a $200 difference!
  4. I got an adjustment on a pair of shoes I bought Sunday. Now I'm off to buy more!!

  5. Hmmmm.....I never thought about a price adjustment!! Guess I had best look into that! Thank you!:tup:

    I just looked at their site but couldn't find info on price adjustments....can you tell me what it is or where on the site to find the details?
  6. There are some awesome deals! TFP!
  7. Does anyone have any additional Shopbop discount codes???
  8. They don't seem to have any info on the site, but I think the policy is that they will price adjust within 14 days of the original purchase, but it makes the purchase final sale.
  9. Shopbop codes are EXTREMELY rare. i don't think there are any that work right now.

  10. Thanks sharbear! Hmmm...decisions-decisions! I really don't need another bag given the fact that I've overindulged myself with an abundance of bags lately!! I guess I'll return the burgundy maxi since I have the grey one on order...at a much better price I might add!:tup:

  11. As many times as I have purchased from Shopbop, one would think that I would have received at least ONE friggin code but I haven't! They will wait to send me one when I'm broke and have no money to spend! LOL!

  12. Amanda...since you're in Georgia, you might be interested in this....

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    BTW...the link above didn't work for me.
  13. Oh my!!! I'm dying for a pair of MJ boots but just can't justify the purchase!!
  14. This is off the subject, but I'm so friggin mad right now!! :cursing::cursing: I just received a call from Chase Bank advising me that someone had attempted to place numerous charges on an account that I haven't used in about a year!! Good Lord! Where and how do they get your information? I put the card away in my file when they raised the APR, so it's perplexing to me as to why/how after so long a time someone is trying to use it. I hate thieves and dishonest people!
    Thank God the bank was looking out for me!