Was Angelina Being A Total Ice Queen Last Night ?

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    Angelina Jolie's "interview" with E!'s Ryan Seacrest while on the red carpet during last night's Golden Globe Awards has hit the net!

    Some say she was being a total ice queen. Others say she kept quiet to allow her nominee beau Brad Pitt to shine in the spotlight. I'll let you decide.

    PLUS !!!

    Us Weekly confirms rumours that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have moved their growing family to New Orleans.

    On January 12, just a day after moving to The Big Easy, Angie was spotted getting cozy with the locals at restaurant Angeli on Decatur.

    She says, "We love it there. The kids are going to go to school there. We’re really looking forward to it."

    According to their source, while Brad continues work on his many film projects, Angie plans on playing the role of low-key motherin the $3.5 million, six-bedroom, four-and-a-half bath mansion the pair recently purchased (their fourth house) in the French Quarter.
  2. I think it's very great of her, she let him shine in the spotlight.
  3. ^^ita
  4. She seemed perfectly pleasant, quiet but pleasant. She looked a little nervous to me plus I think she was just happy letting Brad speak. They are probably a bit tired of people asking them what they had for breakfast this morning, etc...LOL
  5. She was smiling, laughing & hugging people during the show.
  6. The Washington Post Celebritology online chat today said Angelina was not in a good mood, mostly because she disliked her gown so much. Apparently she has a deal with St. John, and she doesn't like what they are creating for her. Who knows if it's true. I thought she looked fine, but extremely quiet.
  7. I think it's great that she let Brad take the spotlight. I just love these 2 together.
  8. ehhh, what's new?
    She sure doesn't have a reputation for being 'warm' especially after what she said about her own offspring!:cry:
  9. Hmm...it seems there might be a little something there... that's kinda like how I act when DH and I have been fighting and then run into someone we know! lol
  10. I do not know her personally, but I have a strong feeling that she does not do anything with anyone else in mind but herself. And yes, I know she does good charity work, and that is great, but it has gotten her a lot of publicity she would not otherwise have. Call me a cynic, go ahead!
  11. Look how unforgiving she is with her own father! and he wants so badly to be part of her life and his grandchildren's lives. She holds a grudge, that's for sure.
  12. It was an award show, not a movie premiere where the other party wanting to step in the back...arrive in the same car but don't do the red carpet together and use the back entrance.

    If that is the case then she shouldn't walk the red carpet with him at all...because that's really "not to take the spotlight" from him.

    She probably just had a bad day.

    P.S. I don't dislike anybody, I just don't like B.S. excuses.
  13. I thought she was very quiet, but not cold or excessive. I can see how it seemed like they had a fight previously, but he seemed chipper enough.
  14. I agree she was just letting Brad shine. I loved her dress!
  15. Especially because he was nominated. Even though she's "Angelina Jolie"...it was his night. I think she behaved like any other SO...letting her SO have the spotlight when it's his work that being recognized...does that make sense?:s