Was an OP Zucca ever made???

  1. Found this on a closed eBay auction:

  2. That's a fake. There is no such thing as an OP Zucca.

  3. That is what I thought but I wasn't sure!
  4. If only they made them for real!!! :nuts: Along with the tan Playground and Camo colored ones!! :graucho:
  5. I do too! They paid OVER retail for a pretty misshapen fake.
  6. hey lol, i saw a lady with that exact bag at Macys yesterday >_> i walked passed her and was like D: fake bag alert! the shape really is weird once u see it up close in person
  7. i saw someone on the bus with a citta zucca that was a fake. you can instantly tell because the two straps aren't actually attached to the bag--they're just simply out of place! yuck!:wtf:
  8. on the one i saw the leather was kind of yellow/orange D: plus it looked like a zucca but was probably only 2/3 the size
  9. it's just absolutely impossible to fake leather-especially the vachetta!
  10. dang! OP would look fantastic on a zucca :sad:
  11. I saw that fake on ebay and when I saw bids, I was all like "awww ... poor buyer ..." :sad:
  12. Yeah,that seller had some convincing fakes. They sold fake OP Ciao Ciaos too, with silver hardware and some fake Piratas.