Was addicted to the NM site but now it's boring!

  1. I was always checking NM online and bought tons of things when it was an extra 40% off, then 50% off, but now the discounts aren't that exciting at all. How can they go from a massive sale to just mediocre price cuts. It's really disappointing! And now is the time where all the other retailers are having the big sales. Anyone know what their strategy is, are they going to have another blowout sale (cause I see not too many items are being sold like before when things were flying out)?
  2. I totally agree and was really hoping for some kind of online sale for Presidents' Day. There are still a couple of items I'd like to buy, but knowing what the prices were a couple of weeks ago.. I definitely want the additional % off.
  3. One good thing is that my hand stopped hurting from all the "click-refresh" business!
  4. Lol! True!

  5. I know, psychologically, I can't pay these prices when I know they were half off for the exact same things last week!
  6. They seem to go in a cycle with their sales. The last was the winter and fall clear out I think things will trickle for a while and then the spring stuff will go on sale. Keep checking for items that are returned in LC
  7. My Neimans addiction runs so deep that during their "down cycles", I clean out and reorganize my "wish list" in anticipation of future sales. Basically, I go through all the new styles every week and add the ones I totally love to my wish list. It's pathetic.
  8. everyone does it. you're just the only one who'll admit it :smile:
  9. Anyone know when the next great sale is?
  10. I do the same thing and with Saks and Bergdorf Goodman. I live for the sales, double points and EGCs :nogood:
  11. That sounds like good planning to me!!:tup:
  12. I have a love/hate with Neiman's....

    Whenever I want something, by the time I"m done the checkout process, it's not available any more. Or I'll pay, and then they'll refund me a couple days later saying it's sold out. *sigh*
  13. Their website gives me a headache- it's too categorized- so I don't even go on during the sales (crazy, I know!). Probably best for my bank account though, LOL.
  14. I definitely have started stalking NM for sales and am bookmarking spring items to watch.