Was able to use outlet coupon EARLY!!

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  1. If anyone else received the 20% off coupon for the outlet, you may be able to use yours early! I went to one outlet that said no, but the other outlet let me use it today and it isn't good till the 6th. Plus they gave it back to me so I could use it again!

    Now I am just debating if I should keep all of this grey croc stuff I bought today. I feel like it may be a little dressy for my normal casual clothes. Plus, should I worry that it won't hold up at all?

    I scored the following:

    Madison embossed exotic carryall in grey $598-30%-20% coupon- $334.88 plus tax
    Madison embossed exotic large wristlet in grey $128-50%-20% coupon- $47.99 plus tax
    Madison embossed exotic accordian wallet in grey $248-50%-20% coupon- 95.99 plus tax.

    TOTAL $520.04 (including 8.6% tax rate)
  2. Lucky you!
  3. Congrats on your purchases and using the coupon! Use your bags with everything! If I waited to use my bag with nice clothes, I would never use anything. Enjoy!