Warranty on LVs?

  1. Does LV have some type of warranty on their products? Less than a year ago I bought my boyfriend an LV wallet and now the glazing is coming off (at the corners and at the fold) so the material is separating. Would my boyfriend be responsible for paying for the wallet to be repaired?
  2. Take it into LV and see what they say. It might be considered a part of normal wear and tear.
  3. I thought the warranty was a year? I might be wrong though.
  4. I would take it to the store, I am sure they will send it off and reglaze it for free!
  5. There is warranty? I had no idea. HOw about the handle on speedy. Mine turns gray instead of the honey color...Is that my fault?
  6. TAKE IT IN!!!! It does not hurt, worst thing they say it is normal wear and tear and you will have to pay for the repair. Best case they replace it but most likely they will repair it for free.
  7. I believe it is one year....??
  8. The gray might be the result from dirt and oil from your hands. You can try removing the grime using baby wipes. There are a lot of threads about cleaning grimy handles if you do a search.
  9. i was told two years when i bought my cles. i'm sure if you take it in they'll fix it for you - or give you a new one. make sure you have your receipt.

    the same thing happened to my friend and he brought it in and got a new one!

    good luck