Warranty on Hermes

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  1. I'm still very new to Hermes, but someone said something about a "activating a warranty". I know on coach bags you register it, but not with Hermes right? :confused1: I'd never heard of that before. When you buy it from the store it comes with authenticity paperwork, right?

    Please excuse the lack of Hermes knowledge :smile:
  2. There is no authenticity paperwork or need to activate the warranty. The bag can be taken back to the shop for work for the lifetime of the bag. I usually save my receipt though.
  3. Isn't that the coolest thing? If you bought a birkin at age 30 and live till 75, in the end, owning it works out to only $155 a year! Plus you practically get a "new" bag every year after you send it in for spa treatment. I've had so many $3000 IT bags becoming grubby after a year and I can do nothing but give them or throw them away.
  4. Sending it back for refurbishing does cost you money though!
  5. Then, when you finally kicked the bucket, your heirs can sell it for a respectable amount of money and pay for the funeral! :P
  6. Sure. But worth every cent!
  7. Haha! So true.
    But I told DH that if I should die before him, I want to be buried with my bags. My kids and go get their own.
  8. Hey they'll need some more space, so this is going to cost them even more:P !
  9. how much does it cost to send it in for refurbishing?
  10. Here in the US, it starts at $80 and goes up from there, depending on how much works needs to be done.