warranty + key/lock preference

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  1. I'm slightly new to this community, not new to LV, but since I'm in the presence of such great knowledge, I thought I'd ask....

    What exactly is the 1 year warranty provide for?
    I know for the pochette accessories it doesn't allow you to replace the strap...
    How about for speedys/poppincourt/etc
    Have you ever had to use the warranty, what does it cover for free?

    Also, for those who have the speedy, do lock your keys on the lock?? (I took a cellphone picture w/ my razr of what I'm talking about in the comments.) I've seen a couple people do it, and I think it looks really cute. But my question is, do you put both keys on, or just one?

  2. Welcome to LV forum of tPF!:welcome:The one year warranty covers hardware, vachetta is not replaceble unless it's defect.
  3. Yeah, I was just wondering if there was anyway I could take advantage of the warranty. lol
  4. I personally don't keep the lock on my speedy b/c i fear the weight of it will enlarge the hole it hangs on; leave them in the small interior pocket. If you worry about the vachetta getting dirty, check out "to spray or not to strap" post Selena put together in the F&Q section :yes: tons of helpful info :idea: