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  1. Do you know if hermes have any sort of warranties on leather goods? I used lv bags and wallets but noticed that after 2 years their seams/threads seem to be come off. I had to get the piping on my speedy repaired for 1/3 cost. I just purchased a Kelly, Lindy and wallet from hermes. I'm afraid that might happen to my recent purchases.
  2. H does not have such. But if your bags have problems after 1 or 2 years of use, you can pass it back to have spa treatment at a fee.
  3. You're lucky LV would even do the repair. They used to have a repair dept that one could use to replace a strap/zipper etc after years of wear. Yes, they did charge for the service, but it was well worth the charge. Now, they only repair "manufacturing defects" and just tell you to buy a new bag. I was told this in the NY repair dept and also in LA so I have to assume it's true. It is why LV lost me as a customer and I switched to Hermes, where I can get repairs done when the bag is 30 yrs old, if need be.
  4. H should be able to repair your H items for a fee unless there's a defect at the beginning then there's no fee. Note that unless there's a craftsman on location, they'll send a bag away to be repaired and it can take up to 6 months or more. The only time they won't touch a bag from what I understand is when you have something done to the bag outside of H; i.e. got the bag dyed, touched up corners, etc. by someone else.