Warning: What happens when you eat 1/3 box of thin mints girls scout cookies?

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  1. There are two packages in one box of thin mints and I ate a LARGE half of one package, almost hte entire package in one sitting (I was watching tv before bed time). I just lost control . :sweatdrop: Well, I felt fine for about 10-20 minutes. But BOY was it bad when I started feeling it... I was WAY MORE than that gross heavy feeling of something greasy sitting in your stomach... it started as a small stomach ache, it was alright midnight by this time so I turned off the lights and figured I'd just try to go to bed. It just got worse. So bad that by 2am I was still awake and BOY WAS MY STOMACH HURTING!!! By 2-something I couldnt take it anymore and I used the restroom in hopes id feel better but it wouldnt help. It helped a TINY TINY bit if even. Then around 3am I finally fell asleep. I had to wake up early this morning so it wasnt too good. Word to the wise, DONT DO WHAT I DID!! (I've been eating these cookies for years. Its never happened). :push:
  2. Ack! I'm sorry that happened to you :sad: I love thin mints! I hope you are feeling better today :heart:
  3. Don't feel bad! I feel your pain. Last year, I went to visit my parents, and my mom sent me back home with an entire box of Thin Mints for my boyfriend. I called him from the airport and told him about it, and he was so excited. Well, my flight was delayed for 5 hours (and it was so late at night that the airport shops had closed!). I was sitting in the Reagan Airport STARVING and ripped the box open. I was so nervous that I was not going to get to fly out that night because of the massive blizzard that we were having that I kept on popping cookies in my mouth. Next thing I knew, the ENTIRE box was gone! My stomach was so full that I felt like I not only ate a box of Thin Mints, but the Girl Scout who sold them to my mom as well! The worst part was when I finally did get home and my boyfriend asked for the cookies. I had to fess up and say that I ate them (although I did embellish a bit and said I shared them with some others at the airport who were also on my flight...which I did not). Luckily, he thought it was cute. :p
  4. I purchased a bunch of them from my niece and ate whole sleeves several times for several weeks. They taste so light.:drool: What happened? 5lbs....:crybaby: The worst part is I just found out that I have to travel to Vegas for my company. I have two weeks to lose it or none of my summer clothes will fit :sweatdrop: . So, it's salads and very long workouts for the next couple weeks. So...... I hope you are feeling better. It could be worse.... You could be feeling bad AND get fat too.:yes:
  5. I have no will power - that's why the only girl scout cookies I bought this year were for the military troops! Operation Thin Mint lets you pay for boxes of cookies to go straight to the troops - they never get to you, and you don't have to feel guilty not buying the cookies from the girls.
  6. I never buy any girl scout cookies. When I'm approached the girls selling them I just offer them money instead. I tell them to keep the cookies.
    I don't bring temptation into the house and when I do it's only in small does. For Example---One single Cadbury Egg...LOL I used to buy a bunch around this time...never again!
  7. I'm sorry that happened to you.
  8. this is making me feel really bad about the half box of Cheez-its i just downed. Oh well, time to go throw up!!

    i'm TOTALLY kidding, please don't yell at me :smile:
  9. Thin Mints = Devil
  10. ^LOL..I personally can eat an entire box of the PB sandwiches........UGH.....
  11. okay, that's weird that you got a little sick from thin mints...a few nights back, i downed half a box. i hadn't eaten the whole day, so i figured it wasn't too bad. but that night, man oh man, i got SICK. and i can eat like a pig (and usually do) without any stomach probs. but i was in the bathroom all night, half trying to not puke.
  12. ..first one is free.. next one will cost ya.... :supacool:
  13. Would that be the first box...or the first cookie? :smile:

    (J/K, of course!)
  14. Ouch :/ sorry that happened.
  15. how awful! I hope you feel better. I took preventative measures and only ordered two boxes of the coconut chocolate caramel ones with the holes in the center, yum!

    As another safety precaution, I always drink a full glass of room temp water before opening the box. Then after just two or three, i don't feel like inhaling the whole box anymore. It works!:yes: