Warning: Vestiaire Collective is giving me grief

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  1. Have you heard back from them?
  2. UPDATE: The supervisor is still insisting on just relisting it for me for free, and not open for return. Ridic... or crazy.. The frontdesk still agrees with me, but she is above them, and has that say. The frontdesk person today gave me the address for the legal department, and advised me to go to them above Laura (The supervisor). I am so disgusted with these people. And yes, I'm never buying from them again.. thanks for the advice! Means a lot! x
  3. I can't fathom why she's fighting you so much on this! You'd think customer satisfaction would be the ultimate goal for such businesses but alas...! Yes, please try escalating and only use the chargeback option as last resort. Disgusting indeed :yucky:
  4. Thanks babe.. I'll keep you posted in a few weeks :P when (if) I hear from headquarters. I don't have any high hopes anymore for help and I'm just going to expect.. Well nothing. Bye bye Vestiaire. What a shame. And what a scam... Thanks again! x
  5. Grrr, frustrating!!!:cursing:

    I may have missed this but did you try your cc yet for a chargeback?
  6. I know... So frustrating.. :sad: I am writing a letter of complaint directly to HQ, over this b*^%# head. I'll also mention her name and suggest they hire a new supervisor, and that it's unacceptable for Vestiaire to scam people out of their money. Im reading that so many people have had issues and a company like this should do better! I was advised in here to hold the cc backcharge as a final solution.
    I'm also at that point now where I'm considering cleaning the bag up, use it and sell it down the line. And never ever ever ever ever buy from them again. That's a definite. I'm never giving them my money again and I'm also going to warn people on their FB, and on trustpilot.
    It takes me a few times where I'm nice about it, and now I'm not into being so nice anymore. I think 5 times to try should be enough... Keeping you all posted when I hear back from HQ. The reason why customer support didn't want to place it to HQ themselves, is bc they know that this supervisor will intercept the request and deny it. So they actually gave me advice on how to go around and over their bosses head. What a company......:/
  7. Sorry to read your nightmare situation. I've never heard a good word about them. Certainly won't be trying them anytime soon now. Good luck getting it sorted out.

  8. 5 TIMES?? Wow, you're WAY nicer about it than I would've been. But I've got an extremely short fuse so...:boxing:

    And yeah, that speaks volumes that their CS people are helping you go around the supervisor. That should say something to upper management too. Do you think you can get the bag cleaned up and get you money out of it if you need to? That blows. Keep us updated!!
  9. 😔 It could have be such an amazing site if they had better policies etc.. I'm definitely done with them now. I've spent so much money... And sold some Chanel bags and gave them so much commission. But it's in the past and it's nothing I can do. Lessons learned right? Thanks babe for your well wishes! I will keep you guys posted! X

    I will definitely keep you posted. The bag will be delivered back to me tomorrow and I will assess what can be done cleaning wise and what parts I would have to replace the leather etc.... It's a shame... I will definitely keep you posted! I used to have a shorter fuse, but my dear fiancé has made that fuse longer.. Ehem... (I was a fire cracker!) BUT definitely in there if I have to bring it out! Hehe! I will be firm in my letter to the HQ, absolutely! Not just for me, but for other customers they have robbed... x

  10. "I used to have a shorter fuse, but my dear fiancé has made that fuse longer.. Ehem... (I was a fire cracker!) BUT definitely in there if I have to bring it out!"
    Lol! I feel ya :ghi5:
  11. Hey Nickita, have you heard back from them?
  12. I would file a chargeback for sure. It sounds like they're wasting time, hoping you won't file.
  13. I'm going through the same right now ! I'll never buy there again
  14. Vestiaire sounds so disgusting!! Guess I won't buy from them anymore either - have read so many negative posts and I'm so worried now.
  15. Call your credit card company! Due to a truly corrupt seller, both eBay and PayPal denied my claim - but American Express worked it out for me! I was told next time to go straight to them. Good luck to you!
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