Warning: Vestiaire Collective is giving me grief

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  1. I agree.
  2. I've had an issue with VC before which thankfully was resolved satisfactorily. Just a note though. Take a screen shot of the original listing asap as I was arguing mine and halfway through the original listing disappeared, even from my account history. Good luck x
  3. Thanks! Done!! Wow can't believe they did that! Screenshots taken! Great advice! Snap Snap Snap! :okay:
  4. I am so sorry about your story. I am not 100% sure about VC (because I heard nice stories) but I have tried once to buy a slg.I had many problems with the seller even before the sale: was a fake slg, she did not want to answer to my normal questions, she insulted me and some buyers! etc). So, I did my best to report this fake item to VC and this seller who was so unpolite and they just sent me en email :whistle:
    Not serious of my point of view. I closed my account asap. Go and see on this Website (it is in French but in English too) :


    Stay away from VC ; too many fakes and most of sellers lied about the real conditions of their items Hope you could having back your money.

    I am so sorry for you :crybaby:
  5. Just left my review on the uk trustpilot site.
  6. Thank you so much! I will leave a review there too for sure! Crossing my fingers that HQ will take action.
    I've had good experiences there too, so it's sad it came to this.
    I got a beautiful LV, and agenda pm, and a monogram scarf. It's real. But it's too scary and I don't like the idea that they don't offer returns like fashionphile etc. and if they have supervisors like this woman I'm dealing with its better to stand clear... Scary. Crossing my fingers! Appreciate the support!❤️
  7. Don't understand why they don't do returns... are they trying to hide something? I think in the uk you have distance selling regulations when you buy something online.Meaning you can get a refund. Don't know what the equivalent French consumer law is?
  8. I don't know either... It's all about profit for any business I guess, so..
    But they would make more money if they were truthful and offered returns, because their clientele would stay loyal and come back, again and again and again.
    There are new consumer laws in the UK since October last year which is better for the buyer, so I will do some research and see what can be done in case. If they say a OK to a refund on Monday it will be over and done with regardless, but YES you're right! I forgot about that. I will do some research with that and CC companies. Great advice!

  9. I have had some issues with them as well. I have heard that refunds happen more readily if you make a complaint in their Facebook or Twitter page. I have not tried it personally yet, though.
  10. Another brilliant idea and amazing advice for myself and others! Thank you so much for sharing!!! Sorry you've had issues with them aswell!
  11. Omg.. that bag looks like what they call "junk" condition in person. I'm SO shocked they listed it as good condition.. Vestaire does not have the best service.

    But to be very honest, the listing photos were already a red flag. The bag looks extra "out of shape" and it looks like they filtered the heck out of the original photo or used over exposed lighting to cover the noticeable flaws.
  12. Im going to agree w lemondrop and speedyjc. That bag's in fair condition at best and your cc should be able to do a chargeback. Fingers crossed for you!!!! :smile:
  13. I don't know anything about Vestaire or where they are based, but the Distance Selling regulations are an EU directive and are enshrined in UK law. As I understand it, there have been attempts to standardise cross-border sales within the European Community - hence the regulations apply to 'most' of Europe. You don't need any reason in order to change your mind about the goods you receive, providing you do so within 14 days of receipt (it used to be seven days).

    If in the EU, the supplier is also obliged to provide you with certain information before you make your purchase, such as your right to cancel. As I understand it the seller cannot simply void this right by saying that they do not accept returns.

    I would encourage you to get this sorted out through Vestaire and only use a credit card dispute as a last resort, in case it affects your credit rating - your bank or the financial ombudsman could clarify if that might be the case.
  14. Return can be a problem since the Distance Selling Regulations only apply to commercial sellers. Vestiaire acts as an agency, not as the seller. So, it would depend on the seller of each specific item, whether you are allowed to return it or not.
    No idea, if this would really hold if you would sue them, but that is what their website is stating.

    I would insist on returning because actually they didn't do their job when checking the item.
  15. Agreed. It would also affect your rating with this website (not that you're going to buy there anymore anyway I guess), but there are companies that ban customers for chargebacks and any connected accounts (friends/family) are also banned.