Warning: Vestiaire Collective is giving me grief

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  1. Hi guys.

    I just want to share what's going on. Some of you may know about this bag already.
    To make it short: I decided to get a preloved Speedy 30 monogram of consignment. I found this one. The picture from the add is the one in the upper left corner. The bag was graded "Good Condtion" which means there should be no stains on the inside, and no leather wear.
    Well. It has all of that. I have returned to vestiaire before without problems, but for some reason they are giving me grief and doing my head in and fighting me on this.
    Despite it going against their own quality promise to their customers in their own descriptions on their site.
    I am done with these people, and I will continue the fight to return this piece. The response from the supervisor is that there is nothing more they can do but to give up their commission for me to relist. Two of their customer representatives have even told me themselves that this shouldn't be sent out like this, but their supervisor is fighting me. I suspect she knows it's trash.
    The bag is in transit back to me. So fuming. What a scam!
    I paid £236 and now I'm wondering what to do if she's absolutely not going to give up. Should I pay and replace the leather? Wash it up and try and resell somewhere else for a fair price? What would you do? I'm so disappointed with vestiaire collective right now. So beware!!
    This bag was purchased with MasterCard, could we do a claim? I can prove its not up to vestiaires own promise.
    Advice needed and appreciated!❤️

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  2. The insides:

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  3. That is not "good" condition at all! It's "fair", at best. How did the bag look in the other pics in the ad? It can't hurt to call MasterCard and dispute the charge as the bag was not what was described or shown. Keep nagging Vestaire. Sometimes the squeakiest wheel gets the oil. Next time, if you can't see what you want to see i.e. the interior, close ups of the leather, zippers, closures etc; it's time to move on and keep looking. Lastly, if the price is too good to be true, then there's probably a catch. Good luck!
  4. Thanks babe! I just called them again and talked to another representative who agrees with me. So it's 3 now against 1 (the supervisor of course). But! This one is sending it in high priority to the headquarters and going around and over the supervisor. So hopefully it will get sorted. And yes I agree, I trusted them too much, since I've had no problems returning prior to this. But I was also told by some other TPF'ers that they have had grief with VC too, when I posted this bag the first time here.
    Crossing my fingers! Now I'm going to try and enjoy this weekend and not think about it!
    What do you think of the price point and me fixing it up?
    A brand new one is £595 here now. Ach, I don't know..
    Wish it was in good condition!😝 Thanks again for your reply! True true!
  5. have you contacted mastercard to ask them what protection they can offer you?
  6. Have you tried skipping levels? What do the superiors of this superior think? A firmly worded email with pics to the CEO (usually it's their PAs that handle their emails and direct to concerning parties) would be the last resort but I can't imagine why that wouldn't work because this clearly is "not as described".

    Thanks for the warning on Vestiaire btw, I have their app installed on my phone and thankfully hadn't bought anything yet. Uninstalling it right now. Sorry you're going through this headache!
  7. I haven't called them yet. We used my fiancé's card as I wired him some money, because he has been protected before. That's how I know I could possibly make a claim here. I'm going to talk to him about that tonight, to see what account he has etc. So frustrating.
    What's really shocking is that a supervisor can make these decisions when the "floor" knows it's wrong. Well, feeling better now that's it's going "upstairs" above her.
    It's a matter of trust and principals to me. And the way she is trying to push this thing on me is almost funny. But not really😖
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  8. I really hope you can get your money back! Fingers crossed! Replacing the leather would probably be at least $200 USD. And I'm wondering if you'd be able to get rid of the interior stains? Worst case scenario: Vestaire says no. Get an estimate from LV for repairs, they may be able to do wonders and you'd have a lovely bag. It would still be less than a new one. We always want to think the best when we see a pre loved bag that would be perfect for us. Sadly, other people aren't as honest as we'd be if we were selling something. [emoji45] Have you checked out the site, Tradesy? I recently bought a bag there and sold two others. Great experience.
  9. Thanks love!
    Means a lot! Yes! I called them now and explained to another rep. She is sending it "upstairs" to headquarters with high priority. She ALSO agrees with me. I said "I just don't want to talk to that supervisor again" the reps reply "hopefully not!" So I feel a bit better. It's going to be interesting what will happen next. I also got a Chanel Jumbo in "Very Good Condition" and it has a snapped flap stitch and had to be repaired... Thank Godness Chanel here in London fixed it for me for free within a week!
    Another Chanel Jumbo in "Very Good Condition" has worn corners and fading worn leather. I sold that bag for a fair price. I've been lucky too. But this roulette isn't worth it. I'd rather buy new or go to a site that offers returns with tags on it! Thanks again for your reply!
  10. Thanks for all this info & advice. I hear you! All the way. I can talk to my SA when it comes back and ask her how much it would be. If it's worth changing the leather, maybe. But I just want most of all that VC will recognize this and offer a return, and realizing they can't fool customers like this! Not me, but anyone! Let's see what they say.. Thanks again babe! x
  11. Only shopped once with vestaire.Never again.I bought my Evasion pochette with them.The pochette was fine, but i fear they employ the blind in the packing department.The LV box was wrecked due to them not packing it in a box with packing materials.It took me 10 minutes to get the draw out of the box to get to the bag.I asked for a replacemet box.The answer was no & they offered me free shipping on my next order.I declined.Then 30 euros off my next item.I declined.I didn't want to do business with a company who thought that packing expensive designer goods in a shoddy way is acceptable when a small part of the value is also in the box, especially if i ever wished to sell it on.They couldn't get this.I asked nicely if they could go and get a replacement box from LV considering they are based in Paris and i don't have an LV store near me.Nope there. In the end they wanted me to send back the bag at my expense to look at it! So there was the chance of them saying they would give me a partial refund or credit so i told them to naff off.I had to buy a replacement box at my expense off ebay & asked if i gave them them the proof i had bought it that they could refund me that amount.I have since deleted my account with them.Basically them giving me money off an item would benefit them far more than me.What can i buy that is LV at 30 euros? Nothing!

    i would go with the cc refund through the card company.Vestaire are stubborn as hell.
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  12. I would just forget dealing with the consignment shop and dispute it on the credit card. It is ridiculous they are fighting you on this. They sold you a bag with an inaccurate condition description, so that is on them.
  13. Sorry to hear you had problems with them aswell and I thank yo for sharing your story with us too! It's good for us all to know. I haven't had issues with packaging, but it's like a lottery if the item is in the condition it's in or not in my case.. The quality control there is awful. I have returned a Chanel mini before with no greif and also another LV bag (but it was sold through a professional seller on the site who offered refunds) there are a few of those sellers there, but still. This experience plus seeing how their quality control is, has made me make up my mind that I'm done with them as well! It's clear they are all about cash in pocket for themselves no matter the condition. Trust is everything, and they have lost my trust, and my money. Sorry to hear about your experience!
  14. If it comes back from HQ ( I should have an answer by Monday as it's the weekend I was told. Godness knows!)
    saying no return than I'll be prepared to go to MasterCard. Asking my hubs tonight what the conditions are on our card. Lesson learned! Goodbye VC! Fool me once..
  15. If the item is not as described, you obviously have proof to send to the cc company and you are willing to send the bag back you should be ok with the cc company refunding you.