Warning: Vachetta + Perfume / Good results with Magic Eraser

  1. Over the weekend I was spraying perfume in my hair and somehow 2 tiny droplets landed on the tab of my azur speedy! =T =( 2 dark dots appeared immediately but that happens when vachetta gets wet too or when using something to wipe it so I put it aside figuring it would dry and the 2 spots would dissappear. Not true. I came back a few hours and there the spots were. I panicked and tried makeup wipes (which I've had great results with before for other minor vachetta mishaps) but it did nothing. I sped off to buy magic eraser and wiped and dried, wiped and let it dry. It lightened up the spots a good deal as well as the surrounding vachetta a tad.... still much better than before as the 2 dots aren't as noticable.

    Bottom Line: Be careful with Perfume!!! It's worse than water spots!

    Also, while I was away one weekend my sister used my other speedy. When I returned, my speedy had grey handles!!! I guess her hands were jsut REALLY dirty! I had never seen GREY handles before. I had no choice but to use magic eraser again (I try not to use it if avoidable because I'm sure there are strong chemicals in it). The result.... Perfect VERY Clean beautiful handles! It took all the dirt off leaving amazingly lovely handles.
  2. did you find that it made the vachetta really dry?? lost the shiny coat?? i used it on my wapity case and i wasn't happy w/ how dry looking it made my wapity :sad:
  3. Are you talking about 'Mr. Clean Magic Eraser'?

    BTW, my perfume spilled inside my Gucci purse (leather interior) and it ruined the leather. Started using plastic make-up kit after that.
  4. Yes, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I sped off to buy it.

    Yes, it did make the vachetta dry (I only use it when absolutely necessary)BUT thats a small price to pay for the wonderful clean results. And the problem is easily taken care of. You could leave it dry and as you use the item the natural "oils" from your hand will have the vachetta nice again in no time. OR, and this is how I do it... you could use leather conditioner. I've tried Coach leather moisturizer and the Apple Care conditioner. Both are different so it depends on the results you want. Like I said, after using ME on the spots, the surrounding vachetta was a bit lighter also...

    Coach moisturizer - It's a very light formula. I put in on the spot and it was slightly less dry but left no change it the lighter color vachetta.

    Apple Care Conditioner - Stronger moisturizing formula. The lighter spot was evened out and the leather was no longer dry. All in all, I like apple care conditioner better.