Warning: Tokidoki Fakes are getting better!

  1. I first saw this bag on another tokidoki blog page warning the viewers of the "new" fakes. After a member of the other blog bought the bag and returned it, she noted and took pictures of the bag and how to tell it was still a fake! :cursing:

    I cant put the name of the blog here or a link, buts its not hard to find. Anyway be careful, and always ask to see pics of the zipper pull, the carabiner and the carabiner cord. :wtf:

    Apparently, the zipper doesnt have "riri" on it, the cord is solid black instead of black and white, and the carabiner doesnt have "lesportsac" written on BOTH sides. These "new" fakes, even have the rainbow zipper! YIKES!:tdown:

    Its still on sale on "evilbay" now!

    Watch out and shop wisely!
  2. It's not against the rules to post links to blogs (just to other forums or groups).
  3. Rainbow zippers are certainly not new to the world of fashion. I have first seen them on GAP and Esprit bags about 5 years before the OP print launch.
  4. thanks for the tips.. although I've only purchased my tokidokis from big retailers, its a good thing to watch out for

    :sad: sad that some people spend so much time trying to dupe us