Warning to swedes buying pre loved

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  1. #1 Feb 27, 2020
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2020
    There is a seller on Blocket and Tradera listing fake LV's and other brand bags. The seller is made out to be a consignment store offering brand bags that's a bit cheaper than what others are offering. The bags are good fakes but you can see it's fake if you look closely (date codes/tab look weird, strap placement is not where it should be, plasticy handles, screen print on the mono canvas is off etc) The pictures are also not consistent (taken in different locations and the bags are different but same model). This seller want payment through bank transfers. Which legit consignment store does that?

    I don't get why Tradera or Blocket hasn't banned this seller already...

    Please be cautious and use an authentication service if you're the slightest unsure if the item you want pre loved is real and ask for pictures. Take care guys!
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  2. Toppen att du tar upp det! Har stört mig enormt att sidor har tillåtit säljaren att fortsätta lägga ut annonser trots flertalet anmälningar.

    It seems that Tradera has (finally) deactivated the seller's account, but unfortunately listing are still up on Blocket.
    It's super important to be sceptical and knowledgeable when buying pre-owned designer items. That said, it should be obvious that no company nor private seller would sell an item worth $2000 for $200 - though some people are naive and think of it as a bargain.
  3. Det var nån som budade hem en PM för 17000 på tradera från den här säljaren. Jag hoppas verkligen att det hann stoppas i tid...

    Yup, the seller is still up on Blocket and is still adding a bunch of items. Be cautious!
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  4. Men allvarligt! Så bra att ni sett och anmält, jag har helt missat den här säljaren på Tradera och har inte varit inne och kollat på Blocket på ett tag. Så bra att ni rapporterar vidare så vi andra inte blir lurade. Tack!
  5. Jag har tyvärr inte facebook eller annan social media men om ni har det o är med i nån svensk LV-grupp så varna gärna där också. :heart: Vi får göra så gott vi kan o hjälpa varandra. Folk förlorar fruktansvärt mycket pengar på den här typen av bedrägeri.
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  6. Any experiences with brownpaperbag or affordable luxury? It hadn't occurred to me to even check blocket or tradera.
  7. #7 Feb 29, 2020
    Last edited: Feb 29, 2020
    Those two mentioned has been around for awhile so I think they are pretty safe. Personally I haven't bought anything from them but I check their stock from time to time to see what they have. (Affordable has a nice store in Stockholm :smile: )

    Blocket and Tradera are actually huge when it comes to selling pre loved bags. But with that there is also a risk since most of them are private sellers where you can't have the option of for example return the bag if it's not to your satisfaction and unsafe payment like swish and bank transfer. Tradera has a review system, much like Ebay, where you can betygsätta the seller. This is also a good indicator if the seller is good or bad. To prevent frauds here you might wanna ask for pictures to clarify authentication of the bag and even look at the bag in person before making a final decision. Don't make a hasty decision until you're 100% sure what you are getting.

    There are serious companies that sells on Tradera and Blocket as well and if you look at their web pages you can see that they are serious businesses and most of them has reviews on google too. You have the option of returning the item and having a safe way of paying like paypal, Mastercard/Visa or Klarna which protects both company and customer.

    And then there are these fraudulent companies like the one I mentioned at the start of this thread, that takes advantage of being a "company", tells the customers that they are "safe", listing ****ty bags and tells people to pay with bank transfer. To be honest I haven't seen this kind of fraud until now.
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  8. I bought a Chanel bag from Affordable Luxury (in-store) - no problems with it. They were super nice and they do sell authentic products. Would definitely recommend people to buy from them (or if you live in/visit Stockholm to go to their store in Sturegallerian) :angel::heart:
    Bought a LV and a Celine bag from brownpaperbag online without any real negative remarks - though I find that they never sell completely unused items (and rarely items in excellent quality), and I think they're quite expensive compared to other stores that sell pre-owned items. Just make sure you're not getting ripped off when it comes to their pricing and you're good to go :smile:
    Like @Hotsauna already said in the latest post, there's a huge pre-owned market on Tradera and Blocket. If you ever decide to buy from Tradera make sure to use a paying method that includes Klarna. If you get an item that is not as described (or fake) you can claim your money back. They have a section about this on their FAQ page. It's always important to check your rights as a consumer before you purchase anything so you know what you can do if you're getting scammed.
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  9. I did buy à fake bag a few years back from The Brown paperbag and found out when I took it to a LV store to have the zipper replaced. It was a shock to say the least but the company bought it back immediately so it all turned out well. My lesson is, even if you buy a bag from a consignment store or a company, do have it authenticated by some one else.
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  10. Sad to hear that! This is true with any reseller. What's better with buying through a company like brownpaperbag or affordable luxury (etc.) is if a bag, like yours, turns out to not be authentic then you're able to return it and get your money back. This is not possible with a private seller.
    My bags from BPB have been authentic so I haven't had any issues with them :smile: Of course certain amounts of grade A fakes are going to fool some authenticators since they're only human after all. It's always good to have bags checked by a third party if you want to be completely sure!
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  11. Yes, and pay with something like Paypal. Happened to buy a fake Mulberry once but since I had used PayPal I managed to get my money back on that one too. The mistakes I’ve made have made me cautious and I do prefer to save up and buy from the store instead, but sometimes it’s hard to get the item I want and I end up hunting the preloved market. I felt stupid both times and thought to myself I shouldn’t buy that expensive bags with my meager salary but after a few weeks it’s all forgotten and I am looking for bags again, and don’t remember the awful feeling of maybe loosing hundreds of dollars to a thief. I am glad that this thread made me aware of the Tradera and Blocket scammer so I can stay clear of him/her/them.
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  12. The seller is still on Blocket doing reverse psychology now "köp inte om du tvivlar på våra produkter eller pris. tack". Lol.. Do they even know what they're selling? ;)

    I actually tried asking for more pictures and they replied with silence.
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  13. I reported them this morning where I explained how the company doesn't exist since it's not even registered in Sweden (quick check on allabolag and bolagsverket proves this) and that when you go to their "website" you get rerouted to a website for a company in Bangladesh that has loads of negative reviews claiming that company sells fake items.
    Very quickly I got a reply back from Blockets customer service saying they blocked the seller and removed the listings.
    "Jag har självklart tagit ner annonsen och spärrat annonsören i systemet, tack så mycket för att du inkommer med dessa uppgifter till oss. Det är alltid väldigt uppskattat från våran sida"
    I just checked and the seller is not on Blocket anymore :smile:
  14. That is great news! I have also reported this to Blocket but didn't get a nice answer like that haha. But yeah, great news indeed! I hope we can help eachother out in the future as well. You know, just put it out there on tpf ;)
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  15. Yeah I reported the seller a while ago as well but then I only wrote something short about the product obviously being fake and got a generic answer back about how they would look into it but nothing happened, but now when I wrote a long explanation about the company itself not existing they took action very quick. I think they have probably gotten a few reports and when I wrote again this morning it tipped the scale and they decided to do something about it. Great thinking @Hotsauna! I think it's important to warn others so they don't get scammed :smile:
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