Warning to Purseket lovers!

  1. Hi all,
    This is meant in no way to thrash the purseket name. I have 5 of them and love them!!! I bought the black with white polka dot one for my neo cabby mm. Today I took out my white mc heart coin purse and it is ruined. The black from the purseket bled onto it. The inside of my neo cabby has black all over it. I don't know what to say....I'm pretty devastated right now. I called purseket and they want me to send it back to look at it. She thinks it could be a defect with my LV bag. I tried to explain that my coin purse was inside a purseket pocket and it has black all over it. They won't do anything....I didn't expect them to, I guess. This is just a warning to you all....be careful with what colors you get. :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  2. Thanks for sharing your experience. I was thinking about buying one too, will now give it a second thought.
  3. oh no have you tried baby wipes on your heart if it's all black and ruined it can't hurt any more
  4. OMG. That is horrible. My pursket is red but I don't have any light colored LV items. I'm so sorry. I would be devastated too.
  5. i thought it was just me. i bought a pink one and it ruined the edges of my Lavender Vernis Eldridge. dull pink all over the edges, i was so sad and tried to clean it but instead it chipped off.

    thank you for the post!
  6. eek. thanks for the heads up. im glad i havent used one for my purses.
  7. OMG....that's horrible. Thanks for the warning!
  8. Sorry this happened to you but its the trait of the Vernis Im afraid.

    My pearl agenda got ruined from the lining of my pomme Roxbury drive.

    Just cant put vernis near prints or darker colours so in a sense purseket are right, its not their product its the LV vernis.
  9. Aww, I'm so sorry to hear that about your MC Coeur...love that accessory!

    Hopefully something can be done to get it out...thanks for taking the time to post this, I'm sure all of us will keep that in mind! Good luck!
  10. Oh No!! I was thinking too of getting one for my self :sad: But really I appreciate u sharing ur sad experience. But thats not fair though they should have at least returned your money or at least warn their customers :sad:

  11. It wasn't the vernis one...it was the white MC one. It's definitely their product....it ruined the inside of my neo cabby. There's black all over the yellow suede lining.
  12. Oh no, that's horrible ... I'm so sorry to hear that ... I appreciate you warning us:sad:
  13. Thank you gals!! I used Shout wipes on the lining of my neo cabby. It's much better than it was, but still there. I'm not entirely freaking out over that because it's inside and can't be seen. My heart purse though is awful. I've tried baby wipes, water and soap, Shout wipes, magic eraser....any other suggestions before I put it up on eBay. Purseket told me to send the purseket back and they'll give me a refund. They were going to get in touch with LV because they think it's an issue with the neo cabby. Whatever. I don't expect them to do anything, but pull this particular purseket off the shelf. I'm so sad right now.
  14. ^^ Thanks for the heads up! I must admit I am disgusted by the way Purseket is handling this. It's blatantly obvious that their product ruined your bag and coin purse, yet they refuse to just admit responsibility. I guess they don't want to have to compensate you. I don't think I will EVER be buying a Purseket.
  15. :wtf: Wow, sorry that happened to you. :sad: