Warning to anyone wanting to buy chanel bags off ebay

  1. Okay this is pretty long..
    For the last month or so i've been watching eBay for a black chanel jumbo seeing as there is no boutique for miles where i live.
    Anyway, i have seen one particular seller who always has vintage jumbos in fairly good condition. She never usually has more than two at a time, but as soon as the listings end she has more up again - with the same pictures as the previous listing, same hologram # and everything!
    I contacted the seller about this to see why that was ( I was thinking of bidding on a bag from her) and she profusely apologised and said it was a genuine mistake because she uses the 'sell similar' tool.
    This has all been posted in the chanel thread last week or so....

    But...just the other day i was on ioffer (notoriously known for its' fake luxury goods, as you probably all know) looking for pictures of fake chanel handbags so i could stay away from them if they ended up on eBay. And....
    there was heaps and heaps of pictures exactly the same as the ones this eBay seller used.
    I don't know if she took the pictures from ioffer or the other way around but it's all very suss.....

    What are all your guys opinions about this?
    The sellers ID is chanel_touch by the way, so if you guys have any experience with her let me know!
    Maybe the sellers on ioffer stole her pictures, and her bags actually are authentic,l but i thought i would let you guys know so you can make your own decision!
  2. Also, i forgot to add that all the bidders on her listings are private!
    Maybe it's because she doesn't want her bidders to be scammed or maybe because she doesn't want them to be told her bags are fakes?
  3. If you want to look at exactly what she has sold go to www.goofbay.com go to the tools sction at the top and key her user id number into the bit saying sellers 30 day sales history. It will tell you what she sold, for what amount, it reveals the private listings!
  4. Yikes!
  5. I wouldn't touch her with a 10 foot pole...something is fishy....
    wait until another listing comes along......
  6. just looked on goofbay....she has 100% FB....
    maybe I was wrong.......
    go with your gut.....:shrugs::shrugs::shrugs:
  7. OMG, That goofbay thing is SCARY! Lots of info there.
  8. How weird. :confused1:
  9. she's made so much money off ebay. she has sold too many chanel bags.
  10. she seems to have sold many bags with no problems...

    like another said, go with your gut.
  11. A friend of mine bought one of her Jumbo bags and it was totally authentic she took it to the store

    As to how they source them I really dont know but alot seem to come from Japan that sort of area
    but the ones she sold to a pal was the real deal and lovely

  12. You dont know how much money she has made
    I am not trying to defend her she can do that herself

    but I am sure the items where not given to her

    There is a resellers shop in London of chanel vuitton etc a Japanese lady all of her stuff is great ( no one knows how she obtains it but she does)

    And I heard this seller on E bay buys from London wholesale not sure if thats true but thats what I heard on the grapevine

    I personally have never seen a jumbo fake have seen loads of cambon and 2.55 fakes e bay uk are drowned with 2.55 fakes at the moment
  13. Their items appear to be authentic. My concern with them has always been that they have lots (and I do mean lots) of black vintage flap bags available for sale. I don't know any other resellers that have so many vintage black flap bags available for sale.
  14. You have to watch with chanel bags...some people buy highly detailed replicas chanel and sell it out for the retail price! when really the bag they bought of these people are like $300! I wonder how some people can live with their conscience..robbing people that much money and the people that bought geniunely think its the real deal!
  15. Don't know if this will be of use, but in Japan, there is a large second-hand branded goods auction market called "Brando Kobutsu Shijyo [ブランド古物市場]". Only licensed dealers (must be Japanese citizens/residents + authentication skills certified by the local police) are allowed to take part in live auctions in this type of market, where they bid for vintage authentic Chanel, LV, Hermes etc goods in bulk at jaw-dropping prices. I am not a dealer, but I think even if they sell a vintage Chanel flap for around 20,000 yen or roughly USD250, they still get to earn money. This is a website of one "Brando Kobutsu Shijyo":


    Also, second hand things are not so popular in Japan, which is why second-hand branded goods can be bought so cheaply.

    Since dealers can only be Japanese citizens or residents, there is basically a monopoly Japanese sellers hold over other sellers. And I am pretty sure that their goods are authentic, since fakes are illegal and selling fakes is a felony.

    Hope this answers some of your queries!