WARNING to anyone looking for a Coffer......

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  1. As I was browsing through the Coffers available on eBay this morning, I came across this one. Although this is not an authentic, I couldn't help but notice that the flap appears to be the correct length which means we simply cannot go by that detail anymore when trying to determine authenticity. Just wanted everyone to be aware of this and suggest that if you want to buy an authentic Coffer from eBay (which actually does have some right now) BE CAREFUL. Here is that listing by the way:

    You can see that there are other flaws with this bag, but the flap looks correct. :cursing:
  2. wow this is a neat fake!
    But I can see a flaw...
  3. yeah I saw this one. strap is long,that gives it away immediately
    so hard to find authentic one.
  4. Thanks for the information!
  5. thanks ! :biggrin:
  6. wow..good to know..thx miu2!!
  7. You're welcome......:cutesy: