warning: this is....obnoxious.

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  1. "Coach Pattern Dog Carrier - A MUST SEE! I'm guessing this isn't AUTHENTIC, however it's so adorable and I couldn't resist buying it. (I don't have a dog) "

    ok, wait.....what??? :wtf:
    you bought it because it was "adorable" [NOT!]
    but you don't even have a dog? WTF??!? :confused1:

    oh, and....you're GUESSING it isn't authentic!!??!
    are people really this retarded? how can you not know that its fake!?

    oh, also help me report this to get it removed. thanks.

  2. That is one hideous Gouch!
  3. That's so ugly..

    But I don't know if reporting it will do anything.. because the seller wrote "isn't authentic" kinda to tell the customer.. No idea.. D:

    Hope no one buys it!
  4. you can report it, because she put "coach" in the listing title.
    help me get it removed! :sweatdrop:
  5. Grosss! :sick:
  6. Ew!
  7. Ugh...
  8. just plain ew :\

  9. OMG I'm laughing so hard I nearly spit my coffee on my monitor.....does this person impulse buy for children they don't have, too?
  10. I just reported it but who knows if it will do anything.
  11. Hideous ! A little off topic but i saw a woman carrying a Goach "Carly" in denim the other day at the mall. It was gross
  12. ROTFL!!!! I love how shes like "I couldnt resist buying it (I dont have a dog)." Why would you buy a bag that has little breathing windows if you dont have a dog! haha
  13. yuck, a poor dog would get mange in that thing!
  14. It's removed! Yay.. :biggrin:
  15. GEEEZZZZZZZZ, some people have some nerve. I hope it can get removed.