WARNING! Thinking of Selling Threads

  1. I have noticed a lot of these lately, and while there is nothing wrong with contemplating selling a bag, I have noticed that many of these threads are beginning to make hints of selling. And in fact, I have had to edit and erase some posts that are outright offers to sell/buy.

    let me be very clear. There is absolutely no buying or selling on the PF, and it is a bannable offense!

    I will begin deleting threads if necessary that turn into solicitations for sale. It is just becoming way too common lately.

    We ask that everyone read and abide the rules of the PF if you choose to participate in the forum.
  2. Yep, its a weird question to ask, as if you really wanted to find out, you would watch similar items on eBay to see what prices are going for!.

    I agree, it can easily come across as sniffing for customers (intentionally or not ;) lol )
  3. Soooo? (and I'm not there yet) if someone is having choice problems as to which bag they should keep, how should that be presented on this forum, survey format? Or simply ask people which bag they like more if they were offered a choice and leave it at that?
  4. As I said before, I have no problem with people discussing their thoughts, but we all need to be mindful that this is NOT the place to buy/or sell. I have had to delete several posts lately because although some threads (not all!) start out innocently, another member comes along and offers to buy the bag the original poster is contemplating selling.

    Really, it is an easy rule to follow. Discussion is fine, but crossing the line and offering to sell or buy a bag on the forum is absolutely not allowed.
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  6. Well said Jag, have noticed recently that it is getting more and more

    Thanks for keeping us clean!
  7. Temporarily sticking this thread so that it is seen.

    Thanks for the post, Jag :yes: Well said.
  8. hmmm, i think there should be more clarification on this:

    Because there are obvious threads that state: I'm thinking of selling

    But what about:
    I overshopped, i think i need to let go of something...
    which one would you keep?

    I'm guilty of seeking opinions on this, but that doesn't necessarily mean, i'm selling...

    But on the other hand, it can be interpreted that i'm selling?

    I'm confused! LOL...
  9. It is a bit confusing. I have a thread like this up now. Where I'm asking others opinion on whether I should return something or not and honestly I was alittle anxious about posting it. Having read this thread I was concerned that someone may think I'm trying to sell the bag when thats definately not the case. I just need some feed back from others on the situation.
  10. Let me try to clarify.

    There is no problem with making a thread asking for advice as to whether or not to sell or downsize your collection. That is not the issue. What IS an issue is when some members do start a thread blatantly using it is a guise to sell their bag, or when others respond to an innocent thread offering to buy the bag being discussed.

    I have erased and we have deleted several threads/posts which have blatantly offered to buy or sell. This is totally against the rules!
  11. If your thread is up right now, and I have not commented about it in the thread, then you have nothing to worry about. Your threads are exactly WHAT IS allowed.
  12. I completely see what you mean, Jag!Thanks for letting us know!:yes:
  13. Understood. Thanks
  14. Thanks for the clarification!!
  15. Im new to the forum and i hope im forgiven if ive crossed the line by speaking about a bag i have. I hope nobdy here thinks im trying to sell as that is far from the truth.
    Again im very new here and got al excited when i found a forum on designer handbags and stuff. I just didnt read all the rules. Sorry :crybaby: