Warning: Shield Eyes from the extreme adorableness of this TURQUOISE Coach combo!

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    DH asked if I'd like that Coach bag I was looking at a few weeks ago for our anniversary. And if so, we could get it Sunday (last). WHAT?!?! :nuts::nuts:

    I could not have been more surprised and thrilled and moved (purse ban, spendy home renovation$, y'know what I mean?) While in the store I saw the matching mini ergo and HAD to have it. I added it to the bag. It's a little busy but I love it and that little mini guy makes me grin.

    I LOVE this color and leather.
    DH is the best. He never gets anything for himself and remembers the things I love. But he did roll his eyes at the mini ergo as I was exclaiming things like "tiny pocket! , striped lining!, it SNAPS!" and the SA's were knodding knowingly :yes:

    Honestly -how stinkin' cute is this?!

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  2. I love it! The more pictures of the Ergo I see the more I'm falling in love! Congratulations on the gift!
  3. so nice of DH!

    gorgeous! congrats!
  4. it's adorable!

    i did the same thing with they keyfob! it's snaps, it's got cute lining! hehe. it's the little things!
  5. Lucky girl to have such a thoughtful husband! My anniversary is June 10th and I'm hoping I won't get anything resembling last year's gift....a new seat for the back of HIS Harley, so I could be his "biker beyotch"!
  6. very cute! As is the title of the thread!:biggrin:
  7. Awesome! The more I saw turquoise ergo hobos on this forum, the more I wanted one, so I finally bit the bullet and bought one before I left for California! It's such a pretty color!
  8. It's adorable! I was getting a takeout lunch today and was carrying my pink Ergo keyfob in my pocket and a woman waiting to pick her lunch up complimented me on it. Naturally, I had to take it out and show it off to her - she loved it.

    Congrats on your purchases!
  9. So cute!
  10. Its adorable. What a guy you have!:nuts:
  11. Darling!! I LOVE the little one too!! :cutesy:
  12. soooooooo cute!
  13. Oh my goodness! I've never seen something so cute. This bag and the mini are lovely. :biggrin:
  14. very cute! Love the color!
  15. i LOVE that color, it's a beaut!
    love the fob too, it's a mini-me....lol.