Warning: Recent Fake Paypal Emails....

  1. I don't normally start threads, but I thought that this was important. I have recently (yesterday and today) gotten TWO fake emails from "PayPal" regarding my account being hacked. The emails tell me that a person in a foreign country has gained access to my account. I thought this was fishy, so I logged into Paypal directly and all was well.

    If you get one of these emails, DO NOT CLICK ON ANY OF THE LINKS in it. If you are unsure, call PayPal (888-221-1161 and say "suspicious email") or foward the email to spoof@paypal.com Then delete the email from your inbox.

    Just wanted to make you all aware before anyone falls victim!!!
  2. Thanks!
    Yeah, i've had a lot of these recently too...i've even had one spam mail today claiming that eBay want me to work for them and i can earn loads of cash if i sign up. Not that the email even came from eBay.
    Like whatever, lol!:okay:
  3. Thanks for the info
  4. I keep getting things like that to an email account that I've never had paypal on. That amuses me.
  5. ^^ That is very interesting. Crazy spammers ;P
  6. Yup, I received one today from "PAY-PAL". Didn't even open it since even the spelling was all wrong. Good grief!