warning: possible fake marc jacobs mouse flats!

  1. So I discover a pair of marc jacobs mouse flats for really cheap on ebay, starting bid at $79, private auction, and a 1 day long listing. I felt tempted, since I love these shoes but then I felt weird about making a bid because if you look in the photos- the "ARC" from "MARC JACOBS" is missing.

    So I thought maybe the "ARC" was rubbed off because of some price tag sticker, but noticed the stamped brand name was a little off center. Feeling really fishy, I used goofbay's "check sold items" feature to see what the seller has previously privately sold...


    A couple fake bags, and several chanel flats which I believe are not kosher... Including two marc jacobs flats with the same "ARC" missing, not even stamped into the shoe.

    I am almost certain the seller is carrying fakes and I really don't want anyone else to fall for the trap. :flowers: I doubt reporting the listing would help, since it's just about to end. So thank you to goofbay, I saved myself some money.
  2. That's awful! I had no idea. I think I actually looked at that auction too, but apparently not too closely. At this point, I'm definitely not expecting to get a deal on the mouse shoes....should have purchased them when I saw them at Bergdorf's back in February. :sad:
    the M of ?Marc? is white, as all the rest of the name!the heel is brown i think, not gold!!!
  4. dude. the worst part is, innocent people actually bidded on the auction and there was no way to warn them because the auction was private. and I couldn't report the auction and have it removed, because it only lasted a day. pisses me off.
  5. i understand you....those dishonest people...
    how much will an innocent pay for those fakes?!?!
  6. Damn that suck!
  7. Some one must have reported it. The listing is removed.:yes:
  8. I didnt get too see the flats because they removed the auction.

    On another note tho, I dont like that anyone can see my history on that website. I've got nothing to hide but I am creeped out about it, how do I keep people from doing it??

  9. Hi-I have 2 pr of the m by mj mouse flats from Net-A-Porter & Bergdorfs -both pony hair vs patent but I'm thinking these may be fake like the sellers other items that were mentioned above- I'm going to try to attach a pic of mine & the 1st thing that's off is that mine say marc by marc jacobs on the bottom not just marc jacobs -- the insides of mine are also not "layered" like the ones in the pic -maybe someone has a pr of patents you could compare them to? I'm leaning much much more toward fake now that i've looked again - I dont ever remember these being done under just "MJ" always M by MJ right!? - Mouse shoes are much too cute to buy fakes, hope this helps!
    ggmj 002 (2).jpg ggmj 001 (2).jpg
  10. do not buy the mouse flats on ebay. 99.99999999% are fake. it's just too difficult to tell real from fake.
  11. Please help me to have a look if this pair is real? i thought Net a porter is a reputable online designer label site. could I got a pair of fake ones?

    I know this is not current season MMJ mouse sling backs, but they're on sales

    I saw a current season's MMJ Sliver mouse ballerinas only start bidding at 9.99. mann that made me mad but they look so real thou, seller is selling with out box and i can't see the stamp at the back of the shoe

    have a look

  12. Sadly, these are highly faked. Definitely get eBay finds authenticated before bidding.
    I sooo hate counterfeit stuff.