Warning - ordering from Vuitton.com

  1. Just a warning about ordering from LV online (the UK site).
    I ordered a denim baggy PM for just over £600 using my credit card. The next time I went to use my card it was refused.
    The retail fraud unit at my bank then wrote to me to say they suspected a fraudulent transaction and cited the LV purchase. They froze my card.
    Despite confirming it was my purchase, it's taken days and been a real hassle to get my card re-activated.
    The bank told me that they have more fraudulent transactions through LVMH than ANY other site!
    So just be warned, if you do order through Vuitton.com!
  2. Oooh thanks for letting me know! I was thinking of ordering off of there instead of going down to the West End.
  3. Woah thanks for the info!
    I was planning on getting something from the website but now i don't think so!:s
  4. hah! that happened to me after a store purchase the other day!!!!!!!!!!
  5. thanks for the info!!!
  6. I guess a lot of credit card thieves like to buy Louis with their ill-gotten gains.
  7. I am sorry to hear that your card got frozen, that is a huge pain in the ass! I am not in the UK, but every time I use my card at LV I get a phone call from the fraud dept. at my credit card company. They have never frozen my card, but they always check in with me to make sure it is in fact me making the purchases. The weird thing is many of my purchases are made in person at my local boutique! I admit some are made over the phone when my LV is out of something, but still what gives? This is really weird stuff! Thanks for sharing the info.
  8. I have the same experience...oh..it's not only me now....thanks for sharing...
  9. Whoa- you'd think LV would have better security than that. What are they, Marshalls?
  10. That's scary. Now I'm afraid to order anything. How your credit card is cleared up soon.
  11. i have not yet had this problem with LV but i did with chanel.

    the manager had to call my credit card company and i had to go through security questions before they allow the transaction to go ahead.

    it was a bit embarassing but i much perfer the cc company to do that than just let it go ahead. Cos my cc got cloned earlier this year and ranked up over £800 bill. lucky my cc company realised that and informed me of the fraud and stopped my card immediately before issuing a new one.

    but thanks for the info. we'll have to be extra vigilant when we use our card.
  12. I think its because this are such high priced purchases that many credit card companys want to make sure that its YOU the card holder spending the money all at once and not a thief :yes:
  13. I have the same problem when ordered on eluxury.com at the first time. The credit card company were froze the charge until I called to release.