Warning !!!! >> Moon Boots :

  1. [​IMG]
  2. ARGHHHHHHHHH!!!!! She looks like she is so weighted down..she would fall over!LOL!
  3. Poor soul!
  4. Hilarious! She can topple over any minute!!
  5. I have a pair of moon boots that look TINY in comparison to those!:sick:
  6. My dream boot:lol:
  7. They look stupid and ridiculous! :blink: Does she think she looks cute?
  8. ugh. they look like those super clunky platforms, with some sort of silk drape tied over them.
  9. who is wearing the boots, is that lorelei from gilmore girls??
  10. all i can say is :sick:
  11. :sick::sick::sick:
    what was she thinking when she decided to wear those??!:blink:
  12. It looks like she just wrapped some black jackets around her feet.
  13. Yikes!

    My sister has a pair of white moon boots. She wears them tucked into her pants. That's when I pretend I don't know her. She might as well paint her car into a space ship and leap around shouting "One small step for mind, one giant leap for man kind!"
  14. I'm guilty.. I have Marc jacobs moon boots, but they don't look like that and I only wear them when there's a lot of snow!!!
  15. No, I do'nt think that's Lauren Graham.