WARNING: MOCA Neverfulls on iOffer

  1. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up....

    I went on iOffer the other day to see if some of the newer stuff was being faked yet. I saw the Mirage Speedy's, Mahina's and MOCA Neverfulls all being offered. The Mirage and Mahina's weren't convincing to me and I'm not the best at spotting counterfiets so I don't think TPF'ers could be fooled. But I'm not sure about the MOCA's. I think the pics might have been stolen from eBay, because the seller was saying they couldn't provide any more pics besides the one they had on display. I was looking at comments to see what people said once they'd received it but there weren't any at the time. Just wanted to let everyone know they are coming. :sad:
  2. Jeeze!! Wish there was more you could do to stop the fakes!!:cursing:
  3. Yeah I know!!! I'm really starting to fall in love with the MM and was seeing what the prices were on eBay. That's what prompted me to look on iOffer. I have no way and no one to get one for me so eBay is my only hope. I'd hate to pay above retail only to end up with a fake.
  4. Everything is fake on iOffer :sad:
  5. I know, that's why I'm saying those will probably start showing up on Ebay soon. I'd hate for someone to get duped.
  6. I know! Out of curiosity I went to the iOffer site and sadly, they do have many people selling the (fake) Murakami Neverfulls. :cursing: What's scary is I saw one buyer asking how many they could buy, because she wanted 5 of them. Hmm, I wonder what she will do with them...(read: sell them on ebay)? :wtf:

    and yeah, they must be all stolen pictures from ebay. Either that or they managed to get their hands on 1 authentic one and they just are using that picture for the fakes they sell.

    I saw a picture of a fake they're selling..it looks awful (see attachment). I don't want to put link here becuase I don't want to advertise that awful site.
  7. Yeah that is awful!!! I hope they stay looking like this cause then there won't be any confusion with a real one!
  8. It looks like they photoshopped the design over a picture of a (fake) bag. God. That is gross.
  9. Yup, most of the pics WERE stolen from ebay. I alerted some of the sellers (especially one whose pics of the Mirage bags were stolen) awhile back to let them know. I don't know how the removal process works there though.
  10. what's is iOffer?
    is that name seller on ebay??
  11. ^^^ iOffer is supposed to be like eBay, but it's a site that has 99.99% fakes. A lot of pics on here are stolen from eBay or from other sites. :cursing:
  12. Everyone should stay away from iOffer!

  13. whoa!!! I checked and don't know that website existed!!
    thanks for telling me!!

    yeah I agree with you that website a lots of sh*t!!
    I can't believe anywhere crooked even selling even manipulation situation even using you (personal thing) even stealing it etc. bla bla bla...

    grrr... that's how's goes life in this world :crybaby:
  14. ::gag:::throwup::throwup::throwup: that's awful!
  15. I am amazed on how fast they make them!! I bough 2 neo cabby MMs on ebay, one was real and one was fake! I couldn't believe it. The only reason I risked it was because I thought it couldn't possibly be faked yet, that and the guy had a good story. He did give me my money back. BUt anyway, I learned my lesson and I always check iffor now to see if the new stuff has been faked!