Warning: Makeup Bag.........

  1. :blink: Makeover your........ MAKEUP BAG!

    -These eight things are all must-haves for a makeup bag, so stock up and stay fresh with these tips... from me! :flowers:

    1.) Foundation/ Concealer-
    Lasts: 6 months-1 year
    Warning Signs: smell weird like color separates.
    Tip: Wash your hands before you stick your finger into the Jar

    Lasts: 1-2 years
    Warning Signs: Changes color and smell funny..:yucky:
    Tip: Store in a resealable plastic bag in the fridge

    3.)Powder or Powder Blush
    Lasts: 1-2 years
    Warning Signs: Looks hardened or glazed
    Tip: Keep in a cool dry place!

    4.) Eyeliner
    Lasts: 6 months or maybe 1 year
    Warning Signs: white spots on the lead
    Tip: Sharpen after each use.

    5.) Makeup Brushes
    Lasts: up to 10 years
    Warning Signs: Stray Hairs, slack shape
    Tip: wash ONCE a week with baby shampoo then air-dry!

    6.) Fragrance
    lasts: Several years
    Warning Signs: changes in smell
    Tip: store in box, since light exposure can after the notes.

    7.) Mascara
    lasts: 1-3 months
    Warning Signs: Clumpy or funny odor:cry: :shocked: :blink:
    tip: keep the wand tightly closed and throw out after two weeks if you have sensitive eyes.

    8.) eye shadow
    lasts: 1-2 years
    Warning Signs: looks dried out or smell funny:shocked:
    Tip: store in a resealable plastic bag in the fridge.
  2. Thank you for the tips.
  3. Great Tips!! I never really thought about how long i keep my makeup until now, Thanks :biggrin:
  4. Thanks for the tips!
  5. I don't wear much makeup, but these tips are all great for the few things I do wear! Thanks!
  6. Great tips!! thanks for sharing
  7. OMG - i tell my mum to through out the mascara after a while - but she still has mascara from 2 years ago!!
  8. Thanks for the tips. :biggrin:
  9. ChaneloChanel, thank you for the great tips! This'll definitely help out lots for me!
  10. thanks for the tips!!!:flowers:
  11. these are really great and helpful, thanks!!! :smile:
  12. GIRLS!! YOU ARE ALL VERY WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!! ;O)
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