warning long post: My Ebay Experience and new wapity

  1. So I purchased a multicolored wapity on ebay recently and it was already 2am but as it was a "buy it now" I purchased that night as I was afraid it would be gone by morning without throughly checking the seller.

    The next morning I did some researching and found that my seller (lets call her ebayer #2) had purchased it off another ebayer (we'll call her ebayer #1 for simplicity) only 3 weeks ago and left glowing feedback saying she LOVED the wapity. It made me suspicious she was reselling so quickly, did not disclose this information, and had just copied ebayer #1's description and pictures!

    Ebayer #1 in short, had said it was in perfect like-new condition, NO FLAWS whatsoever inside or out, that she purchased it herself and that the auction included wapity, tags, booklet, original reciept, and shopping bag. Pictures were very detailed and showed everything included.

    But when ebayer #2, my seller, resold it.. she copied description exactly saying she had purchased and copied almost all the pictures BUT did not show the picture of tags or reciept.

    Upon discovering this... I became concerned :s. This was my 1st ebay lv purchase. I emailed seller inquiring and making sure that auction would include everythign and that there were no flaws whatsoever as I did not want to be surprised. She messaged back saying not to worry as everythign is alright and that if she was dishonest she couldve made her feedback private and no one would even know she purchased it on ebay.

    Item arrvied today but before I get overly excited I would like to share with everyone to make sure all is well. I did find quite a few flaws though. :shrugs:

    here it is! Forgot to mention, she did not include the reciept as stated AND the tag she gave me is the wrong tag. In ebayer #1's pictures the tag is the multicolor wapity tag with the item number and bar code the tag I recieved from ebayer #2 is A tag so old it has turned yellow and is for the "M92650 etui miroir m.multicol. no." I don't know if it is an innocent mistake or she did it on purpose thinking I wouldn't know the difference since it still says multicolor on it. Thanks to TPF... of course I can tell!! It really makes me suspicious as that is a mistake I know I would never make.

    Flaw #1 Dity stuff by the end of the zipper on the canvas. Is the zipper supposed to be white like this?


    Close up of flaw/dirtiness

    Flaw #3 Dirty spot by green symbol

    Flaw #4 Dirty spot on canvas and thread near blue symbol, plus dirty pinkish stain on white part of zipper near blue symbol.

    These are hard to see because my camera had difficulty picking these up but Flaw #5 dirty pinkish red stain between red and pink symbols Flaw #6 This one I must really ask if other white MC wapity owners notice on their wapitys but if I look closely at the natural bumps of the canvas... in addition to those which are normal and on all other LV's I notice smaller tiny dot-like white bumps sort of the ones you get when you paint something and dont quite brush it over to smooth it. Is that normal?? Mine looks authentic but that point makes me wonder.

    Inside of wapity:The date code is inside the pocket (on the pocket side not the wall) and reads FL1025. Please feel free to tell me what you think. This is the problem with ebay. This had obvious flaws and she failed to not only state in auction but when I emailed her to inquire the second time.

    **if this is authentic, would using makeup remover wipes help clean it up?
  2. I would ask for a partial refund and make a file with paypal.
    that item isnt as stated in auction, that you didnt get all the pieces that it stated in the auction.
  3. How much did you buy it for?
  4. I know for a fact that the tags she sent you belong to the compact mirror that comes with a MC case. I'd be mad about the marks on it. She represented the item as flawless, and it's clearly not.
  5. When i inquired with her previous to recieving the item, she said if I do not want it I can always get a refund minus shipping... that would put me out $30. So if this is authentic I do not want to return and lose $30 because if I ask for partial refund she might just say return it. Also, I used my bf's account on it and he has almost 200 positive feedbacks I am afraid if I cause trouble with her she will give him a negative. If my bf just purchased stuff it wouldnt matter but I know 100% feedback is important to him as he sells manyt hings. Ahhh... what to do!! I paid $230 for it plus $20 shipping for a total of $250. What is the likelihood of her giving my bf neg feedback if I ask for a partial refund? If I do end up asking what is a fair amount to ask for back? Thanks everyone for the help. :s
  6. contact ebay and paypal..thats the bets...but the wapity does not that bad...i want to get one too:smile:
  7. You can see if water will remove the stains. I wouldn't try anything stronger in fear that it would remove the colors that you don't want to remove.
  8. you can try baby wipes, it may work.. but i wouldn't do anything before you contact the seller, ebay AND paypal... tell her what you just told us.. if she's honest, she wouldnt give you a negative feedback.. and becuase you're telling Ebay too, they can intervene... hope this help..
  9. I think I would consider how much I paid for it. If I got I good deal, I might let it go...I have used 'shout' wipes with good experience removing stains from my white mc.
  10. u can ask her to refund your shipping fees. if you file w/ paypal she just might be *****y and say she wants the item back and you already paid for shipping which wont be refundable, and you might also have to ship it back to her too. paypal cant really enforce a partial refund i think. whos paypal to say what those stains are worth, right?

    she probably wants it back if your partial refund request is more than her final value fee.
  11. Show her the pictures and ask her what she can do about the situation as the item is not flawless as she has described.
  12. ***Update: I sent her an email and she replies that she doesn't know what I am talking about, that "whatever" she got from the other lady is what she sent me, and that the images did not come out. She said she'll accept a return if i send it back to her but I question that if she has been so dishonest and rude about everything else. I wonder if she is lying or if the other seller sent the wrong tag and dirty item.

    Auction I purchased from:
    eBay: Louis Vuitton Multicolore Wapity purse tote bag wallet (item 250023935677 end time Aug-30-06 04:03:15 PDT)

    Auction she purchased from:
    eBay: 100% AUTHENTIC Louis Vuitton Multicolore Wapity Case (item 280013922927 end time Aug-02-06 08:57:23 PDT)

    And you can all see the tag I recieved with the wapity. :s
  13. i am looking at flaw #6 and comparing it to my MC wapity. i don't know why yours have little bumps on top of the bumps because mine doesn't :confused1:

    i had a similar situation with an ebay seller on a mono keepall 55 i've purchased. the seller was nice enough to let me return it for a full refund including the shipping. i guess he didn't wanted a neutral or negative feedback from me.

    i hope the seller is willing to work with you on this because this wapity is so not close to being flawless. she is misrepresenting her item by not disclosing the flaws. the stains seem quite noticeable to me.

    good luck. let us know how it goes.
  14. I'm glad yours worked out! So yours doesn't have those bumps? Does that mean mine isnt authentic then? This seller was quite rude she denied everything. She won't even admit to her fault and given that... she "says" she will refund. Sigh. I don't trust her. I was considering emailing her the links again but now I am thinking maybe I should drop it before she gives my bf neg. feedback and jsut try my best to clean it? Would I have gotten an awfully bag deal then? I guess I do not mind if it comes out and the item is indeed authentic. As if the situation wasnt bad enough already, for the icing on the cake, since I use my boyfriends ebay account which is connected to his email I have access to that also. And before I was able to incercept the reply from the seller, I saw that he had beat me to it and read it (yikes! I didnt give him heads up on the situaction either!) Thats my fault. :s I think he might be mad at me because... this sounds childish... but he usually sees me on aim and I know he saw me online this time but he put up an away that says hes playing poker with the guys. Long distance relationship. What kind of mess have I got myself into this time!
  15. Regarding the little small bumps, I have those on my CB items...I think it's the silk screening, and it varies from item to item...

    My CB pochette seller also described the pochette as flawless, but the bow was a little dirty, and there were tiny pink stains on the outside vachetta and on the inside...although they weren't very noticeable. I still kept the bag and had no complaints though, because I got it for a very decent price and the seller was very honest :yes:

    Good luck...hope everything works out ok.