Warning- Landau Jewelry!

  1. I just had to post on here to let you all know about the scam that is Landau jewelry. Landau is a "jewelry" store in high end locations- there are several in NY in places like the Waldorf Astoria, 5th Ave & Madison Avenue. The store by me is in a very high end area, alongside stores such as Prada, Burberry, Neiman Marcus & Barneys. The store is very nice looking- everything is behind a glass counter, the sales attendants wear suits, etc.

    Everything looks great. The only problem is that EVERYTHING in the store is fake. Fake pearls, fake gold, fake diamonds, etc. That would be fine if there were signs somewhere to let you know, but there just arent.

    My boyfriend went into the store looking for a "pearl necklace for my girlfriend." It was my law school graduation gift and he wanted something nice. The woman told him that oh yes, they had pearls. They even had some strands with diamonds too.

    He bought the necklace and gave it to me. It was beautiful and I took it in to my local jewelry store to ask for care instructions. She looked at my necklace and told me the pearls were fake (made of glass), the diamonds are fake, and even the "gold" clasp was not real. I asked the BF how much he paid and he paid about $100 under market price for real pearls & diamonds w/ gold. They store had advertised a sale, so this made sense.

    I went to the store to inquire and was only told when i pointedly asked them that they do not, in fact, sell ANYTHING real. It is "costume jewelry." There is nothing in the cases stating this (in a whole case of "pearl" earrings, necklaces, etc. nowhere does it say these are "glass" pearls, or "inspired" pearls, nothing). The store front simply says "Landau" (NOT "Landau Costume Jewelry" as the store was called on my BF's credit card statement), and the prices are right in line with prices for the real thing. This makes it VERY easy for the salespeople to mislead you into thinking you are buying the real thing.

    I just wanted to warn others out there about this experience. I was shocked to see that most of their stores are located in high end shopping malls and cities. If you are looking for costume/fake jewelry pieces then maybe this is the place for you (although I don't understand shopping there even for that b/c the prices are so high for "inspired" items). But PLEASE stay away from this store if you or a loved one are shopping for real pearls, real diamonds, real gold, real stones, etc. My BF came across a very deceptive sale associate who blatently lied to his face about what he was buying, and there was nothing in the store that would indicate to him that she was misleading him.

    Bottom Line: Please watch out for this store!!!
  2. OMG! That is horrible. Did they take back the necklace? Did your bf get his money back. Is there a way to report them for false advertisement. That is horrible. Thank you for letting us know.
  3. I just did a google search and I came across the following link:-
    However it does not HIDE the fact that it is costume jewellery....

    Can you please advise the price he paid and the details of the items - pic would be great.

    I mean - you can't spend $100- and think you are going a Rolex quality watch. For US$100- you would expect a quartz movement watch with gold plating.

    Perhaps you are expecting too much for so little spent?

    I think perhaps your boyfriend is not reavealing the truth..... what sort of idiot makes this type of mistake? I think you are just more shocked that your man is just..... argh.... CHEAP!


    About Us

    Landau is the world's leader in premiere fashion jewelry.

    Landau opened its first boutique in 1987 on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, Florida. Now, with more than 95 store locations nationwide, Landau is the largest chain of elegant accessory boutiques in the world.

    Located in the most exclusive shopping settings, Landau distinguishes itself through its magnificent pieces inspired by the most prominent European designers.

    Landau focuses on providing impeccable service and extraordinary quality and craftsmanship. Our buyers search the world for the latest trends, most elegant designs, and superior quality.

    The finish, weight and feel of our jewelry make it impossible to distinguish it from its more expensive counterparts without a jeweler’s loop.

    We use the highest quality synthetic stones which will stand the test of time. The stones are hand set for maximum brilliance. We apply heavier layers of gold than do less expensive pieces, which are merely "washed" with gold. Our gold-tone jewelry will not tarnish or discolor.

    The quality of our jewelry is so exceptional that we offer an unparalleled 100% Lifetime Guarantee. We believe your jewelry should always look as beautiful as the day it was purchased.

    Landau Direct, Landau Costume Jeweller, Landau, NLH Jewels and Boccelli are owned and operated by The Hyman Companies, Inc. Corporate headquarters, distribution center and warehouses are located in Allentown, PA.

    Please read A Message from our Founder and President.
  4. Prices seem fair for what you get.... Here are 2 examples.
    I think the OP needs to check her facts.

    Set-Faux Pearls

    ON SALE - A simple yet elegant Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings set of 6 mm Glass Pearls. Avail in 2 colors: cream and hematite (gray) Please indicate your color choice when ordering.

    Regulary $137 - Sale Price $19

    6 Carat Cushion Cut CZ 14k White Gold Ring

    Code: 420071752015

    Price: $599.00
  5. I've never been in one of their stores so I'm unaware if they have 'disclaimers'. However I just did a search online and it clearly states that they sell fashion and costume jewellry. If their site is so forthcoming about what they sell then I'm sure their store is too. Perhaps your boyfriend simply didn't see the sign(s).

    I'm sorry this happened to you guys but make sure you're aware of what you're buying before you decide to purchase it. If it's not a company you're familiar with then do your research.
    I just did a search for a 1.5ct Diamond ring.... Price was US$398- NO WAY IN THE WORLD IS THAT NEAR THE RETAIL PRICE OF A REAL PIECE!!!

    Platinum Plated Cubic Zirconia Solitaire Ring 1.5 ct.

    Code: 419070002

    Price: $398.00
  7. ^ Yes, their website IS forthcoming! That's why I was so surprised when I went into their store today and found NONE of the disclaimers that they have on the website. There is absolutely NO mention of "fashion" or "costume" jewelry inside the actual store.

    He specifically went in and said "I am looking for a pearl necklace for my girlfriend. Do you sell pearls?" and the woman said that yes they did, and asked if I preferred white or yellow gold and then mentioned that they even had necklaces w/ a small diamond.

    I'm sorry but you don't refer to something as a "pearl" or "diamond" if its really "glass" and "CZ."

    I went into the store last night to try and return the necklace and I literally searched HIGH AND LOW for ANY sign that what they were selling was not authentic. I'm telling you, there was NOTHING. I also overheard an SA helping a customer look at "diamonds."
  8. I checked out the web site linked to above. I wish we had that store in Canada, they have some great things. The pictures on the web site look gorgeous, but in person, they may not look as good. Anyone know?

    I did notice they have replicas of famous pieces though, is that allowed?

    It definitely states "faux" "cz" "fashion" etc..

  9. No, no, no. I am holding the receipt right now. He paid $829+ tax for the necklace. It is 16 inches long and has one really really small "diamond."

    Tiffany sell a freshwater pearl 16 inch necklace for $625.

    This is NOT out of line pricing for a pearl necklace! He obviously didn't think he was buying the worlds finest pearls, but he CERTAINLY wasn't trying to cheap out.

    My BF is very good at buying jewelry but he has never purchased pearls before. He was relying on the honesty and expertise of the woman who was helping him. On their website the store states that they are intentionally attempting to sell jewelry that looks like the real thing. The problem with this is that, at least in the store near me, the stuff looks very real, there are no disclaimers to tell you that it isnt, and the sales staff is VERY misleading.

    I just wanted to warn others out there about this place. Perhaps there are reputable locations out there, but there is at least one location that is NOT. Beware!
  10. I can't find that item on the website....

    DID YOU ASK FOR YOUR MONEY BACK? WHAT DID THEY SAY? Perhaps lodge a complaint with consumer affairs.....


    1) Produce a billard and photocopy the situation with photos
    2) Stand out the front and give the billard to passing shoppers
    3) Do this every Saturday morning for 3 months

    $829 seems alot for a fake necklace.....
  11. LOL I honestly feel like doing that!

    No, it's not on the website. I've been looking at it and it is very different from the store. The store did not have 90% of the things that are on the website. Everything in the store that I looked at was expensive. I saw a necklace w/ a small "diamond" that was marked $2,000. I don't get it.

    We tried to get his $ back and was told that their policy is exchange only. Very frustrating since I don't want approx $900 worth of ANYTHING from that store.

    I will be contacting upper management about this. I feel just terrible that he tried to buy me something beautiful and ended up with glass! If that doesn't get us anywhere we'll take the next step. It infuriates me to think of how many people this woman has probably duped; people who either never realized the truth or who did but didn't have the means to pursue the issue. This store is nothing more than a Claire's w/ the "jewelry" behind glass cases.

    PS- if you google terms like "landau jewelry scam" you'll find scores of other complaints that are very similar to mine. what a joke!
  12. Yikes!! Sorry for your experience. Its crazy that they do not have a return policy.

  13. I would contact your BF's CC company and file a complaint...see if you can get your money back that way.....
  14. Although the location on Madison Ave and 65th St is closed, one always understood the store was a costume jeweler. I remember seeing a sign in the store window about owning a set of travel jewelry.

  15. the store in roosevelt field mall has huge signs hanging for 'faux pearl set', 'moissanite' jewelry, and it's pretty obvious it's a costume jewelry store. also, there isn't anything at that high price, it's all cheap costume stuff. so odd that this other location is selling things close to $1K