Warning: Int'l shipping via USPS purchased through PayPal, BAD tracking no. issued!!

  1. Not sure how pervasive this issue is; for those who sell internationally through PayPal and buy shipping through them from USPS, DO NOT do so for your international shipments. Paypal states that this is a "known" issue and that they're working on it. I found this out the hard way. I sold a Chanel bag to a buyer in Italy. Post office accepted the package, stamped the receipt and I was outta there. Got an Email today asking what the heck her bag was doing in Korea! :gulp: Uhh, gee, I dunno... *shrug*. AARGH!

    Took a closer look at the tracking info and what's showing was a package that was shipped from Chicago (I'm in Texas) two weeks before I even listed the auction! Turns out the tracking number had been used and paypal handed it out in error!! So now no one has a clue where the package is, the USPS just shrugged their collective shoulders, PayPal has sent no fewer than three Emails saying different things, and I just had the issue escalated. The tear-your-hair-out part? The buyer could conceivably file a not received dispute and I would be toast as I don't have tracking info due to PayPal.
  2. oh my gosh! that's terrible! grrr...another reason to hate paypal!

    i hope they find your package!
  3. You probably shipped it Global Priority right? There's no way of tracking the package with that, since they reuse the tracking number. The only way that you can ship something internationally with tracking is Global Express Mail, and that tracking number is accurate. Hopefully the package shows up somewhere. How long has it been since you shipped it?
  4. What a horror!!!
  5. Holy Crap! That's terrible!

    I hope it works out OK for you.
  6. Good to know. They re-use the numbers? Good grief...
  7. Lesson learned... that indeed is how I shipped it. I suppose I've been lucky before as I've at least been able to see when packages were accepted at a postal facility, when they hit customs, etc. It hasn't been long, about 10 days. I've asked the buyer to hold off for another week or 10 days to give the package time.

    If she gets testy past that time, I'll have to refund and file insurance.
  8. You mentioned you shipped the bag to Italy. I don't think you can ship global priority to Italy only Airmail & Express. Also Italian customs are notoriously slow and items can take up to 2 weeks even with Express mail (I speak from experience)
    Be careful when shipping to Italy as I believe they have certain prohibitions (leather goods being one of them):
  9. I agree. I know it costs quite a bit more, but I ALWAYS ship internationally with Global Express Mail (EMS). the item usually arrives within a week or so (after clearing through customs), but it's worth the peace of mind. the tracking info has always been accurate when i used it
  10. that is so sad, dont buy online again
  11. Postage? No, not anymore... at least not international!
  12. I never ship via PayPal shipping system, and I never ship internationally via Global Priority. It cant be tracked and means nothing to eBay if the buyer should file a claim. I ship Global Express and I insure it for what the buyer paid for it. I would rather eat a few bucks in shipping fees and have peace of mind knowing my buyer will receive her item.
  13. i always use pp shipping but i would never ship internationally for anything over 50 dollars with anything other than golbal express or airmail parcel post. those are the only trackable methods. i learned that the hard way shipping something to germany, the buyer claiming it was never recieved and pp finding in her favor. funnily enough it never came back to me. so she didn't get it right??? please.
  14. Uh oh, I just shipped a leather balenciaga Planet to Italy yesterday via Global Express.
  15. Try not to worry. I have sent leather shoes to Italy before, even though both leather & footwear are prohibited items for some odd reason and never had a problem. At least you sent it Express and if anything goes wrong it should be returned to sender.
    As I mentioned though Italian customs are really, really slow and even with Express mail things can take a couple of weeks to pass customs.