Warning! Inaccurate "professional" Coach authentication

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  1. #1 Mar 16, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2014
    I do not recommend ***************** for Coach authentications.

    There's been talk on the ebay forum and other branded subforums where "authentication" services have made errors. I don't know whether AF is a one-man show (like CarolDiva) or if they have brand specialists (like A4U), but whoever does their Coach should (IMO) give it up!

    The seller of this listing paid ***************** for their "professional" services and this is a mistake that shouldn't have happened. This is NOT a "good" fake.

    Title: $89 Coach Brown Patchwork Wristlet
    Item number: 221395458107
    Seller: shadowunh07
    Link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/89-Coach-Brown-Patchwork-Wristlet-/221395458107?pt=Wallet&hash=item338c32983b

    Note that the seller says it's been authenticated by *****************. (I didn't know they do Coach!)

    This poor seller needs to demand a refund!

    1. The shape of the wristlet is wrong
    2. Although this style isn't supposed to have one, the creed has sloppy stitching
    3. The cartouche is too large (although this style shouldn't even have a creed)
    4. The strap is too long
    5. Although it appears that the seller is trying to hide the trigger clip, what I see looks wrong.
    6. The lining color should be purple
    7. The pattern placement is incorrect
    8. The fabric prints are wrong

    The following side by side pictures show some of the obvious differences that a professional authenticator should have picked up on.


  2. Wow, if nothing else, they should have noticed the patches were wrong. Obviously they weren't even comparing it to a catalog picture or an authentic wristlet.
  3. Wow, thanks for letting us know about this!!
  4. Good info to know, BB! Thanks for sharing. :smile:
  5. So sad, now that seller has a real problem with Ebay since the listing was removed - so that goes on their seller account as a big time ding and with the Guardrail program at Ebay in full force it may eventually be what results in that seller losing their ability to sell on Ebay.

    Wonder if that happens if they can sue ****************** for damages for loss of their account? Damn shame that something like this happened - it will have long lasting consequences for that seller.

    I hate that there are authenticators out there like this that make big time mistakes and others have to pay a big price for their incompetence.

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    How about a different point of view. Anyone can say they had it authenticated anywhere. Just because someone says they had it authenticated at A4U, Carol Diva or whoever, does not mean they actually did it. As you all know, scammers will do anything to sell fake items, even putting in their listings letters stolen from other authentication services or just saying they did. I see so many people say they are TPF members but they are not. Just another thought. I think people are innocent until proven guilty. Is there any proof that this authentication company actually authenticated it? I think it is unprofessional to slam all authentication services ( Unfortunately, I have seen every single one of them slammed). Just please get the facts first before jumping to any conclusions. :smile:


    I just had to find out for myself what the actual truth is so I contacted ****************** and they confirmed that they have not authenticated any Coach for this seller. They said to thank TPF for pointing this out as they would not have know that their name was being used when it should not be. Again, this is a clear case of checking your facts!
  7. I have issues with this authenticator for a couple of reasons. Their unprofessional behavior here on tpf is only one. They claim to have a 100% win rate for their clients. They claim to have never had an item they could not authenticate. So, stating they are infallible is a red flag to me.
    Putting themselves on their trusted sellers list is a conflict of interest in my opinion.
    If they indeed have not authenticated anything Coach for that seller, why are they not demanding the claim to be removed from the listings?

  8. Thanks for asking across the desk and verifying the info. BTW, nice photo of you on the AF company profile page. ;)
  9. #9 Mar 20, 2014
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    This concerns me because the seller has other Coach items that have the logo. Is the seller using it without their permission or have they made an error in their statement? I wonder if I should contact her and see if it can be cleared up. I like some of her items. I think I will. Then I will be comfortable buying from her. I like a Christian Dior she has too! lol
    Or, I can just have them authenticated here. The AF is a neg to me, but I would give the seller a chance.
    I cannot figure how she could have the logo without their OK.

    I wonder if the seller can fight the ding since they listed in good faith based on this company's say so,,,,,if they did.
  10. #10 Mar 20, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2014
    Hi ladies - let me introduce myself. I am Alexis, a representative of ******************. I am the social media director and client care representative.

    Thank you so much for bringing this matter to our attention, we understand the issues faced with the possibility of purchasing a counterfeit item. ****************** has been in contact with the seller of the Coach wristlet in question, Karma Couture, because this was not an item they authenticated. Karma stated that all of their auctions bear ******************'s logo because it is a template, and it is either all of their auctions bear ******************'s logo - or none of them does. ****************** has asked Karma Couture to remove their logo from any and all auctions they have not authenticated directly and they agreed to do so.

    You can contact Karma Couture to verify this information directly, in addition, you may also contact ******************. We apologize for any confusion in what seems to be a wrong authentication, but rest assured, ****************** did not make an error in the Coach wristlet and we advise getting any luxury item authenticated by a 3rd party authentication service prior to purchase. Have a wonderful day.

    ETA: I do not frequent these boards but please feel free to reach us via the "contact us" on our website with any questions or concerns.

  11. I'm not sure I believe your post or the other member's post saying that Karma Couture aka shadowunh07 falsified authentication documents. It's been 4 days since I made this post and in those 4 days, ***************** appears not to have taken any action against the seller who you allege lied about the authentication. Many of her listings STILL state that your company authenticated her items.

    I know that if I ran a supposedly reputable business, I'd do all in my power to clear my name. I also know that if I were a client who is now being accused of lying by a business who I'd paid money to, I'd also be pi$$ed!

    I don't know who's lying or who's telling the truth but it's clear something isn't right, IMO.

    That said, may I respectfully ask a question on your suggestion boldfaced in red above?

    Why I would want to pay your company $7.50 (or more) for a pre-purchase opinion when I can:
    1. get a free opinion here on any of the branded AT threads by experts who know the brands
    2. get get a free opinion on the ebay purse or CAB boards on any of the branded items by experts who know the brands
    3. even after paying for your pre-purchase opinion, I'd have to pay additional in the event of a dispute since that's not the type of authentication required for a dispute.

    If I have a dispute after purchase, I have to pay for a professional authentication anyway, but for pre-purchase, I can get free thumbs-up or thumbs-down.

    Please help me understand why your opinion is better than a free one when it gets me no further with ebay and PP.
  12. Hello BeenBurned and thank you for your reply.

    Karma Couture has thousands of listings and changing them is not an immediate process, unfortuantely. You can send me a private message and I will be happy to provide you directly with their email address, as I do not wish to post it publicly. They will be happy to verify the information just stated.

    As for the other issue, we cater to high end luxury resale shops who need regular authentications. Since you have the valuable resources of this message board, it sounds like you are not an individual who would need the service of an outside authenticator. Please feel free to contact either ****************** or Karma Couture with any further issues or questions.

  13. It seems that ***************** has "authenticated" another fake Coach bag and deemed it (incorrectly) as genuine.

    It starts here (and unfortunately, her album is no longer viewable).

    As shown in the subsequent link, a bag was deemed fake by the authenticators so the buyer contacted the seller who claimed to have had a professional authentication from AF (*****************).

    In the previous incident, AF alleged that the previous seller lied about the authentication. I wonder if that will be the case here too:

    Again, I stress that buyers and sellers of all brands make sure the professional authentication service they use knows the products and brands they authenticate.
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    Last edited: May 1, 2014

    On a more disturbing note - has anyone actually read what it takes to become an ***************** "Trusted Seller" ???

    (Note that they don't actually post the "list" anywhere either) The Bolding is mine.


    "****************** Trusted Sellers

    ...Our Trusted Sellers have been checked to make sure they have a history of selling authentic goods. This does not mean that their items have been authenticated, unless otherwise stated by the seller. Please verify authenticity prior to any purchase. We recommend an authentication prior to purchase from any seller of luxury items.

    If you are an eBay luxury brand seller and would like to be added to this list, simply click here to apply. Please note: You must have feedback showing that you have a solid history of selling authentic designer goods in the past, maintain 98% or better feedback rating, have been an eBay member for at least 1 year and/or 100+ feedback. We do random compliance checks and any sellers not displaying our logo on luxury items will be deleted from our Trusted Sellers list without notice."

    So their Trusted Sellers ONLY have to have a 98% FB which to me as a buyer would be a HUGE red flag - remember when Ebay threated to suspend any seller with a rating below the mid-99s? How many of our infamous and chronic fakes sellers have had FB numbers below 98? None that I can remember. So what does the FB requirement prove?

    And most of our "favorite" sellers, let's use DEBBIEB208 who does NOT have an AF "seal" (remember the "teflon" Patricia's Legacy that was removed something like 5 or 6 times?) as an example, would still qualify for AF's "stamp of approval" even though she has not only listed and sold multiple fakes but who also has a strong history OF RELISTING THEM AFTER THEY'VE BEEN REPORTED AND REMOVED BY EBAY. In fact, that so-called "Cashin for Coach" style 9168 - wrong style number too - she has listed with a claimed Cashin connection for a style that wasn't even made until 25 years AFTER Cashin had left Coach - would STILL qualify for an AF Trusted Sellers logo even though the description is totally false and deceptive to make the bag seem much more valuable than it is.

    So even though a seller may have been discussed AND reported repeatedly, AF would still say she's ok - as long as she never had her Feedback dinged by more than 2 percent of her buyers. And they FORCE everyone on their list to use the logo on all their luxury auctions or be dropped.

    Nowhere except on their site, if you take the time to search for it, does it say that showing the AF logo doesn't mean diddly-squat OR prove that the seller's items have actually been authenticated by AF, Willy Wonka or The Man In The Moon. It's strictly for publicity. Most if not all potential Ebay bidders would assume that the AF logo means that the item has actually been authenticated.

    What's wrong with this picture?
  15. And speaking of DEBBIEB208, she's relisted the same fake Willis bag that's also been removed at least 5 times.