Warning! If you love your bags read this!

  1. About 2 weeks ago I bought a black Gucci leather chain hobo. I absolutely love the bag so to stop it getting damaged in the rain etc I sprayed it with a leather and suede protector spray I have.

    Anyway did this then noticed about a day later that the bag was turning pink ish, sounds mad I know but it started to have a pinky sheen to it.

    The funny thing is I used to have a Dior black bag that did the same thing and I thought that it must have been the leather as I don't remember spraying that one.

    Anyway when it happened to my Gucci I remembered the Dior and started thinking put 2 and 2 together and realised it must have been the spray.

    I then tried the spray on my black G Series clutch to see if that did it but it didn't so I guess it only happens to certain leathers.

    Anyway, I was going to leave it but this morning it was really bad and looked metallicy, I know it sounds ridiculous but it now had a bronzy sheen to it! So, I used my Simple gentle make up remover wipes on it and I am amazed but it came out black again and how it was when I got it. I have had an eye on it all day and nothing has changed, I think I have rescued it!

    Just a warning don't ever use that stuff! Has anyone else had this happen? Also, is it ok to use black shoe polish on a black leather bag?:confused1:
  2. They do say you have to be careful what you put on your leather!! I remembe rusing a spry on a pair of beige suede shoes... they ended up green/black. ** also I had a gorgeous pink suede handbag which I also tried to "protect" and ended up green, too!!!

    As for the black shoe polish, I seem to remember a thread in the Hermes forum where a crafter mentioned you CAN use it on leather. I have not tried it yet, though!!
  3. I have learned to test first on a less noticeable area, like the inside of a flap on a pocket. Glad your bag recovered :smile:
  4. WOW! Thanks for the tip! Hope it stays okay!
  5. Actually, a lot of designer handbags are already pre-treated. It won't necessarily 100% protect against snow and rain (especially rain spots) but it helps from stains setting into the leather. I don't spray any of my bags and I haven't had any issue with them. *knocks on wood*
  6. I have used black shoe polish successfully on black leather - most usually on the piping or corners where the color has worn away.
  7. I beg to differ with a lot of experts....I don't put anything on my leather. Not one thing. Wilsons or Appleguard, or whatever. I just don't do it. But that is just me. I just try to be very very very careful with my leather and weather.
  8. I don't have the guts to put anything on my bags since I have no knowledge what the effect will be. The way I protect my bags is to rotate them often.
  9. I feel that my bags are meanti to be worn, and without the "treatment" of whatever that is, the leather will patena in it's own time.
  10. Wow! So happy you saved your bags. I tend to waterproof suede shoes but thats it. When I buy something that is leather or suede I always ask the sales folks about maintance, cleaning or if it needs to be protected in any way. Its amzing how often they tell you "not" to use leather protectors or cleaners.
    Thanks for the tip.
  11. I had a small black spot on the bottom of my vintage Gucci and the only leather cleaner I had laying around was saddle soap. I wish I would have let the tiny black spot be because the saddle soap lightened the brown leather. Now I'm afraid to ANYTHING on my bags.
  12. Same here! Some people swear by it but with my bags (LV's), I have had many and have never treated them-they look gorgeous still. I don't see the point in treating them, really.

    Anyway to the OP, I'm glad you got your bag back to looking good again.
  13. what sort of spray did you use!?

    its funny to read what you all say about not wanting to treat your bags i felt that way for years and years and finally i broke down and treated a few bags with wilsons and it wound up SAVING like 4 of my bags when i got caught in rain and i KNOW i would have had water stains everywhere if not for the spray so now i treat all my bags (except ones with care cards saying DO NOT treat with anything)

    But really i am so glad i did, it hasnt changed one thing about them , color , texture anything but i am happy that i started to cause i feel so much better using my bags, i used to be really scared if i ever thought it might even 1% chance of rain , and for me i should be able to use my bags and not be a nut and not be able to carry them and now i can :smile: *although i still carry a plastic bag with me always haha*
  14. oh no! :sad:
    that's why i never treat my bags with anything, too scared...

  15. I agree:yes: