Warning! I think someone is usuing the showcase pics!

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  1. I know I have seen the first pic on here but not sure of the rest. I was on ioffer and ebay, comparing pics trying to educate myself on LV's and found this!

    iOffer - preppyness (5) Personal Profile
  2. OH HELLS NO!!! most of those are Michelle's, some of the others belong to people on MySpace in LV groups, some are from eBay, and one of those is MY old black MC Koala Bracelet!!!!:censor: :censor: :censor: :censor: :rant: :rant: :rant:
  3. Who were they taken from? There are hundreds of showcases...
  4. Good lord. Disgusting! The pics were probably copied and then uploaded to the liar's account... all you can do is write them a nasty, nasty email and I guess complain to iOffer, the shadiest trading site on earth :sad:
  5. Ugh! Those look like they were all taken from the public LV group on myspace :censor:
  6. Yup. I recognized that some belonged to Hanjia...
  7. the first picture is DEFINITELY Michelle's. i've seen her showcase enough times :P

    the last photo with all the boxes above the clothes is also from somewhere on this forum :mad:
  8. I remember that beautiful Ostrich Theda :love:
  9. I say we flood their page with accusatory comments. can we do that?
  10. Hahahaha. She took the picture with my Speedy and Eugenia Kims:


    What a effing loser.
  11. That is so annoying! Do we all now have to hallmark any pictures we put up of ourselves?
  12. Oh ****!
    I know one of those pics too!!
  13. Watermarking has always been suggested. I think those are really old pics though, before it was suggested that we watermark.
  14. She can probably delete comments from her guestbook though. Grrr. Pardon my French, but, what a *****.
  15. Yeah those pics looked familiar... Michelle maybe one of the members your LV group on MySpace stole some of those pics?