WARNING: I Have Serious Concerns...Do You?

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  1. Before I start, please know I think some of the BE bags are beautiful...I've ordered two myself.

    However, recently, I have been very concerned that there are a few tPF "members" (and I use the term loosely) who became apparent to me to have other agendas than merely commenting on their mutual appreciation for BE bags. This concern is also shared by others I spoke with.

    It's a very well known and common practice for company owners to utilize people on forums, chat rooms, etc. to try to stir up interest, demand, encourage pre-ordering, etc. for their product, with the sole purpose in drumming up interest, creating a demand for the product, encourage pre-ordering and ordering, and increase sales for the company.

    How would you feel if these "members" were NOT giving unbiased opinions, and basically their "purpose" for posting messages, comments, opinions & suggestions was not simply to compare notes with other BE owners, but was solely to try to influence you into a quick purchase, pre-sale, raise unwarranted fears about an item being discontinued or not being able to get in the style/color so you need to buy NOW, stir you up into a feeding frenzy for bags... etc.

    Does this seem fair to you? Ethical? I'd really like to know your opinion...

    For more info, please refer to the "Swatch list..." thread, read the last few pages, and tell me what YOU think! It really opened my eyes!
  2. Other agendas? I think it's enthusiasm you're seeing. I'm a book lover and when I read a book that I cannot get out of my mind, I post and post and post about it at the many book groups I belong to. Nine times out of ten, I have never had any contact with the author, nor do I know them, but if I love the book, I will promote it.

    Just so you know, I do not work in a bookstore, or own a bookstore. It's just me showing my enthusiasm over something I love. Heck, head on over to DorothyL and hear about what I had to say about Water For Elephants.
  3. No, I think you misread or misinterpreted my post.
    I'm not talking about "enthusiasm."

  4. Yeah, I totally agree with this, h82bl82. I get "enthusiastic" about my passions as well. If you head over to talkparrotlets.com, you will see a ton of my posts. Lately I've been a little internet forum obsessed, as I suspect that a lot of us are. Sometimes people feel a little isolated (especially handbag lovers since the rest of the world thinks we're crazy!) and this is their way of connecting with others who have the same interests. There are many people here with many different backgrounds. Why wouldn't a person with an extensive background in buying and fashion be here? Why should we always assume the worst because someone is really articulate? For me it doesn't really matter much anyway. Like Sara, it pretty much boils down to I ordered a BE bag, I love the bag and will buy more.

    EDIT: Sorry, looks like I missed the point of your post, too. I guess I feel there's no way of knowing unless it could be proven. As a result, I choose to think the best of people! Plus, at my age, and being pretty out of the box myself, I don't worry about being led in a direction I don't want to go.
  5. I don't think there is any "secret BE agent" operating on the BE forum. I love BE. I have been an enthusiastic early supporter of BE and I start many threads because I find it helps me to learn about the bags and to spread the joy. I feel totally happy and confident among my fellow BE gal pals.
  6. Hmmm...I read the thread and posts I think you are referring to and I don't see any hidden agenda...possibly someone who has business experience who is testing the waters for a new purchasing channel for BE fans - nothing more. I have quite a few years of sales, sales management, and marketing experience behind me (albeit, in a different field, but a few years in retail as well), and even if what you are implying were true (which I don't believe it is, FTR), and it's not unconscionable for someone (be it a person affiliated with said company or not) to propose different ideas to a market-base that would most benefit. It may be against tPF rules if it's blatantly spelled out as such, but for most message boards, it's an "annoyance", nothing more.

    Ultimately, the decision to purchase or not purchase belongs to the individual. If someone has so much of a "lemming" mentality that it's necessary for him/her to follow every you-must-buy-now-before-it-disappears cry, tPF is a very poor choice to spend his/her free time. :yes:

    And apologies in advance if this is not what you are getting at at all...!
  7. I appreciate your comments. However, I think you have to have read much more of the postings in other places, as I did, in order to fully comprehend.

  8. You people think I'm making this up?? I JUST RECEIVED A THREAT! (User then cancelled their account). THIS IS NO JOKE. Contacting law enforcement.
  9. What are you talking about? Be specific! How can we take you seriously when you throw out allegations without any sustantiation? You received a threat because you posted something about handbags:confused1: That doesn't make any sense to me.
  10. I'm sorry you're distressed, but I'm not "you people," and I tend not to respond very well to alarmist hysteria. It puts my back up.

    Let's say you're 100% correct, and there's someone promoting a pro-BE agenda. I have a brain, I make my own choices. I walk into every situation in life knowing that a) everyone has an agenda and b) it doesn't really have to affect me at all.

    No one's going to get me riled up to buy a bag. They're welcome to try. I can always use a good giggle.

    No one's going to get me riled up to beat the war drums over vague "infiltrations," either.
  11. I have no idea what is going on and it is really making me angry. This is supposed to be a forum where we all share the same interest and it is supposed to be FUN!!!!!!!!!! We live in world of pure emotion with promotion. Everything we do/say/buy is because we are influenced in someway or another.

    I like this forum because I like to shop and if i am influenced by someone or something, then I am that companies/person's target market. Oh well, I am only human and we are not perfect.

  12. Then I have absolutely no clue to what you're talking about. I still stand by what I originally posted: enthusiasm.
  13. Right now Magpie, the only person with a hidden agenda is you.

    If you're accusing anyone here of ANYTHING, I'd advise you to be direct and give us an example of what you're talking about. If it's something in the "swatch" thread, then link us to it or cut and paste.

    Received a threat??? Then report it immediately! Megs is VERY reasonable and understanding.

    My only "agenda" here on our BE forum is to enjoy and discuss my passion for these gorgeous handbags. And I will continue to do so.

    An ACCUSATION without ANY proof is a very foolish thing to do.
  14. Until you present us with some actual evidence, for all we know you're another designer's agent who is trying to besmirch BE. Get what I mean?
  15. Actually, I find Magpie's posts rather amusing. Someone that hostile can't possibly think to be taken seriously or be thought of having some hidden agenda. :nogood::rolleyes:
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