WARNING! High priced Teal City on ebay - DO NOT BID

  1. Geez! its a darn shame!! : (
  2. How can you tell? The things I normally check for look ok. Please teach me, I am here to learn!
  3. YooWzA:noggin:
  4. I noticed the square bales..
  5. fake. i haven't seen squared bales in a long time.:yucky:
  6. lots of square bales sitting in a box right next to me to return to bluefly
  7. I didn't look for all signs or investigate the tag info but right away the tag has weird font, the R is also elongated.

    And the bales are square!

    I love it when a seller takes pictures of the "tell tales" and they are totally wrong :lol:

  8. I forgot to check the bales! Thanks!!
  9. :lol:
  10. I was looking at that auction earlier today- if you look at the bale- underneather that it looks like the bottom of a screw- do you know what I mean- can't describe well- it has too many twists
  11. I sent her a note , crazy !
  12. Good!

    What did you say?
  13. I like the way it is photographed from the next room instead of close up, this kind of stuff is very upsetting....grrrr
  14. Looks like the Bluefly stock is trickling down to Ebay.