Warning -- Food poisoning

  1. I got really bad food poisoning from Earthbound Organics brand organic spring mix from Costco and there is no evidence of any sort of waring or recall so you all be careful.

    The same brand is sold here at Giant and Safeway (Safeways are Vons in the west) so make sure that you don't buy it there either!

  2. What is spring mix? So sorry to hear about that, how awful! I just read recently that a bunch of Dole bagged salad mix had Ecoli in it. No more bagged salads for me! You just can't be too careful lately :sad: Makes me afraid to eat anything! I am super paranoid.
  3. Sorry to hear about your food poisoning. I hope you feel better soon. Just drink lots of water.
  4. Sprink mix is a mix of different baby greens. Spinach, watercress, different types of lettuce.

  5. Wow, and I thought vegetables were safe. My mom always tells me to wash those prepackaged greens even though it says on the package that they are pre-washed.

    Hope you feel better!
  6. I thought it was greens! Have to be so careful w/bagged salads. They aren't even sure how they get contaminated but I won't buy them again. Wild even washing them before eating won't get the Ecoli off the greens...I read about it on msnbc.com. Someone just forwarded me an email on this @ work - I'll post it here tomorrow!
  7. Yeah, I heard that pre-packaged salad mixes are the most bacteria infested thing you can buy at the supermarket. And it looks so fresh and safe!
  8. Yes, I read that those bagged salads are the worst, and this is a prime example of that. My DH buys them, but I wont touch it after reading that. Its scary. I hope you feel better!
  9. eek!! that's my favorite brand of salad!! yee.

    guess i should stick to veggies i can cook...
  10. You know something weird..I just went out to dinner tonight (I am in NJ) and I had a spring mix salad with seafood and I got so sick! I almost ralphed! I thought it was the seafood but maybe it was the salad!!!!
  11. So Selena, are you o.k. now? It never made you??:throwup: Damn I eat packaged salad everyday almost. :wtf: IM DONE!
  12. I am fine now...I ate mostly the seafood and the veggies...and i didnt puke..but I felt really dizzy and nausous and just like crap.
    Its so scary with food sometimes. You know what is really sick, you never hear anyone getting food poisoning from Twinkies! LOL
  13. The bagged salad sometimes gets washed or comes in contact with with contaminated water. Sometimes it is run off from nearby farms with livestock or sometimes the H2o is contaminated from the start. The heat excaberates the problem - the bacteria can grow quickly.
    Robyn did you get a confirmation of food poisoning from a doctor? If so make sure you get a follow-up exam to make sure you are clear. Many FP can linger in your system causing long term heath problems.
  14. Aren't Twinkies said to last for like 20 years??? :yucky:
  15. OMG!!! This is sooo weird! DH bought that same brand (Spring mix, too!) and he also got sick. We thought it was because of all the crap he added to it, though(he added a grip of dressing and basically everything in the pantry. lol). I am soooo never stocking that brand in our home again! Yikes!