WARNING !!!! fake seller in EBAY on white chanel flap

  1. I'm a fool once and hope nobody will be in pain like me again!!

    I won this bid ....


    and because I was a fool then ,I didn't think about 0 review of the seller. I trusted in the answers of the seller and I had only the good experiences in the last 4 designer purses purchasing.

    After I paid for the item by credit card via PAYPAL. I have got the SUPER FAKE PURSE 12 days after payment .

    I'm going thru the refund processing......AND THEN...POOOOFFFFF.......

    That seller does it again !!!! with same pictures but new account !!!


    I would like to warn you all newbies.....don't be a fool like me....That ****ty guy is trying to hurts some more people... Don't buy from 0 history ,new register and come from canada.

    I want to stop them and prevent the innocent people from those jerk...how can we do that???
  2. yikes that's horrible. Sorry to hear about your awful experience! why didn't you leave negative feedback though? That could act as even more of a deterrent to potential buyers, seeing that the seller an overall feedback of -1!
  3. I believe that they just opened the account for 1 time selling only,get the money from PAYPAL and shut it down.
  4. Some of the pics show silver HW and one shows gold. Stolen pics. Sorry you had to go through that.
  5. That's very nice of you to warn us! Thanks!
  6. That's horrible! Thanks for the warning. I just reported with eBay.
  7. oh boy, I am so sorry! I hope it all works out for you!

    I am so sorry that you had to go through that. but dont worry. I was burned at (twice)eBay as well.

    the pic was completely different from what I recieved.

    Now, I give up trying to do all the research spotting a fake or real item. Now I just head straight to the boutique.

    I want to thank you for posting this and know that you are not the only one who has been through this.

    your friend, Jahpson
  9. You can report the item to EBay. Also, you could ask the seller a question and instead warn people about the bag being fake because I think the questions to the seller are posted for viewing on the listing page.
  10. Just a quick follow-up. I posted a question to the seller and asked why some of the pictures were the same as some of the pictures in a previously listed bag that was returned by the buyer because she claimed it was fake. The seller responded that this is their first time listing the bag and that they say the bag is 100% authentic. Unfortunately, the question didn't post on the auction listing page as I had hoped. I don't know of any other ways to warn buyers. I think all we can do is report the item and hope it gets removed.
  11. Yes,I did like you too, tried to asked the seller questions about his/her item,the question are not posted out.I believe that the seller doesn't let the question that they don't like to be shown out.

    Anyway, I'll show you the picture of the purse that I've got.I just relised that, the reason that I got so mad not because it was fake. But if the seller didn't say it's authentic...I'll know that it's fake,if I want the fake one, I will buy one, but they are lying and made people waste their time and money.It's the crime!!

    Some more link that sell fake but claim it's authentic.



    The last link, seller has 96 reviews,but the items that he had sold 15 times are the Burbury coin purse 50$ something.

    I sent them the questions : they replied me that their purse is Authentic,the question and answer never been shown up too.