Warning: Fake LV Lock-It bag on Ebay!

  1. Yuck!! Boy, it doesn't take them long to produce the fakes, does it?
  2. Oh no, is there any way we can warn the buyer or report this to Ebay?
  3. Yup, scroll down to the bottom of the auction page and click on Report This Item - follow the prompts...
  4. Oh god... like real LV bags come with that pathetic LV tag and swatch?!?
  5. alright. you know you have a bad fake when someone who knows VERY little about lv can spot it...
    stupid ebayers.
  6. I've reported this item as a counterfeit bag. I just don't want that lady (or guy) to spend $514 (current bid) on a fake bag!

    I encourage you all to report this item too. Let's do the right thing. Thanks.
  7. I reported it too. I agree with kallison, I only have a couple of purses and I could tell that purse was a horrilble fake. It looked like the ones they sell at the Laundrymat in New Orleans for $25.
  8. I Have Seen So Many Fake Lock-It's In NY. Yuck! I Think We All See Fakes Of Everything In NY (& Just About Everywhere!)!!!

    ^arjeepgirl ~ $25 In The Laundry Mat?!!!! Scary!
  9. OMG- over $500 for a seriously nasty fake?!?!?
  10. I think the buyer knew this was fake,its way too obvious :Push: .
  11. Ewww, I feel sorry for the buyer.
  12. oh my lawd....
  13. ick. Very bad. So sorry, for the person losing $500, I'm afraid I just lost $400 from a very reputable seller. It really sucks, losing money, but I guess we all take risks doing this. It IS a risk.
  14. Eeeekk! Look at that swatch, too!:yucky: