Warning! Fake Gucci seller

  1. Hi,
    I just wanted to warn everyone of this seller--I just got a fake Britt shoulder bag off her. Luckily, she had a return policy, so I just sent it back. Here's the link: eBay: Authentic - Gucci Britt Shoulder bag - NO RESERVE (item 160089843220 end time Mar-04-07 20:37:02 PST)
    First, the Gucci tag inside was off-center, the stitching on the zipper pull was off as well, and to top it off, it smelled awful--not the typical sweet smell of leather.
  2. thanks for the info!
  3. Thanks for notice us & sorry you happened that
  4. wow i would of fell for that one..
  5. And did anyone see she has 100% positive feedback! Just shows you! Thanks mycarryon for letting us know. Hope everything goes smoothly with the return.
  6. Shocking so many people satisfied, thinking they have an authentic bag!
    Good luck with return. I suppose she does this so people wont leave bad feedback. Please leave it to warn others!
  7. I'll post feedback, no doubt. Just waiting for the money to come back. I didn't outright tell her I thought it was fake, just in case she tried to keep my money. My excuse for the return was that when I put my things in the bag, it just didn't look right. I said I probably needed a bigger bag. Then she replied that if she came across a larger Britt, for me to keep in touch...
    Try to warn others, if you can...
  8. That's too bad that she has fooled other people. Thanks for posting. Sorry this happened to you. At least it sounds like you'll be able to get your money back without a lot of hassle.
  9. So I got my money back. Dilemma: would you post negative feedback even though it was a smooth transaction? Even though she gave me positive feedback, could she further ruin my feedback which is 100%?
  10. THnaks for the info.
  11. I guess you can leave a neutral, just stating that you had to return the bag, got a refund. The seller cannot leave you a negative since she left a positive already, can't ruin your feedback. Or leave a negative saying you doubted it's authenticity and returned it, if you are comfortable with it.

    Once I emailed a buyer who left a positive to a seller's listing stating that she returned the bag and got the refund. She replied to me saying the Fendi didn't have leather trim as described on the listing. That saved me a lot of hassle.
  12. Tnx for the warning..
  13. Hi all,
    if people put authentic then they should be authentic but if they just say Gucci bag then you should know by the price, if you want an authentic bag i would go to well known shops or websites but some people can't afford the real thing so eBay may be the only place to buy one.

    Thanks for the warning i won't be buying one.:shrugs:
  14. Just an update: that person reposted the bag and sold it for $650--$300 more than what I originally bought it for! I ended up posting positive feedback b/c it was a smooth transaction, but I did say that it was returned.

  15. THIS is why its important to ME as a buyer that another buyer who receives a FAKE states that in the feedback. I guess I would have suggested you left at least neutral stating - "BAG FAKE, returned, refunded $$". That way future buyers would hopefully be warned - hopefully.


    Im glad it worked out for you though.:yes: